“Jupiter bestows his blessings wherever he travels…”
~Alan Oken, Rulers of the Horoscope

Imagine being on a beach or walking along a boardwalk in a coastal city or sipping tall, cool drinks in the shade of an umbrella under a summery blue sky.  Billowing, soft white clouds float overhead. Birds flit from tree to tree and occasionally drop to the ground by your feet in search of sweet crumbs that drop from your table. Imagine feeling a warm, soft breeze touching you. And the soft air carries from from somewhere nearby, the sound of your favorite music.

That is the constant energy joy, abundance, and inspiration that Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are flowing to us as they align in an easy trine in the water signs. Venus is visiting in Cancer, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Neptune is floating ever-so-slowly through Pisces.

We have freewill to use the energies available to us as the planets align with one another. They give. We receive. We, in turn, give to others. The flow of receiving and giving, and receiving and giving is constant. It’s possible to feel inspired and let your imagination soar, or to feel expansive and share your joy and goodwill with those you meet. You can feel connected to this creative universe and let your thoughts connect you with the things and the people you enjoy.

If habits of thought are causing you to feel something less than joy, appreciation, and abundance, know that those things are free to you as well. You may have to look in a different direction to gain a different perspective. Remember that you receive and perceive what you look for and look at. Reach for a better thought.

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