solar eclipse

Eclipse lore that appears in cultures around the world has a common theme; it’s always disruption of the established order. What that disruption is likely to be depends of beliefs held by people in the various cultures. Many eclipse stories explain eclipses as times when the Sun is devoured by something evil—demons, dragons, wolves, or even a demon in disguise. According to ancient astrologers, eclipses were negative events that caused tragic events to happen here on earth. People felt afraid when an eclipse happened. But not every culture views an eclipse as an evil thing.

Batammaliba people in Togo and Benin in Africa, believe the Sun and the Moon are fighting during an eclipse, and they encourage the Sun and the Moon to stop fighting. They see it as a time of coming together and resolving old feuds and anger. And the Navajo believe an eclipse is just part of nature’s cosmic order and that it represents a time to pause and reflect of the order of things in life. Some Navajo still observe the tradition of staying inside with their family, singing favorite songs, and fasting.

Today, we know that nothing is swallowing the Sun during a solar eclipse, which always occur during a New Moon when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and the Sun is temporarily hidden from our view. The July 12 partial solar eclipse occurs at 8:47 PM EDT, when the Sun and Moon are both at 20 degrees Cancer. It’ll only be visible on July 13 at 3:00 AM only in southern Australia and Stewart Island.

Jul 12 eclipse path

Influences of Eclipses

Astrologers interpret eclipses as interruptions, reversals, sudden change and rapid developments, particularly at the government/political level. The strongest impact is believed to occur in the regions of the world where the eclipse is visible. Because this event will be a solar eclipse, related changes will be noticeable for a year or more. The changes related to a lunar eclipse tend to be short duration, extending for only a few months.

Not everyone will “feel” the effects of the July 12/13 eclipse intensely, or perhaps at all. It’s likely though that those who have birthdays within two days either before or after the eclipse, or who were born when the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn was at 20 Cancer in the sky, will experience eclipse-related interruptions, reversals, and changes in some area of life. Those events may not happen immediately. Eclipses begin manifesting their effects in the months before they occur and those events will continue on for up to a year, or longer.

Each planet affects the “influence of the eclipse” according to its own nature. For example, because the Sun represents basic identity, leadership, authority, conscious purpose, and will/ego, someone who’s Sun is between, say, 18 and 22 degrees Cancer may experience changes in their basic identity. Those changes may involve leaders, leadership, or authority figures.

Other planets and their areas of impact are:

  • Moon: Emotions, feelings, habits
  • Mercury: Communication, conversation, capacity to think, short-distance travel
  • Venus: Diplomacy, what is loved, romance
  • Mars: Conflicts, competition, wars
  • Jupiter: Beliefs, legal issues, long-distance travel
  • Saturn: Capacity to create structure, order, and discipline

In Cancer, these planets represent the need to give or receive emotional warmth or security. The July 12/13 partial solar eclipse could initiate change related to one of more of the above topics if, at the time of your birth, any of the planets were near 20 degrees Cancer. So, for example, if Mercury was near 20 Cancer at your birth, you might experience a sudden shift in the way you think about your personal security; if Venus was near 20 Cancer, you could experience sudden change in a personal relationship.

Solar eclipses tend to influence events that have power (from an outside source) in our lives, while lunar eclipses trigger inner and emotional changes. Things that are hidden become apparent, what has been postponed or ignored must change now. Events that are eclipse related will most likely be permanent. Whatever is separated, interrupted, or reversed will stay that way.




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