The Astrology

The old Cancer Moon’s light dwindles as it’s overshadowed by the Sun in Leo and comes face to face with boundaries via Saturn in Capricorn.


You may brush against situations and feel an uneasy urgency to steer clear of people and events that either crossed a boundary or had you feeling hemmed in. This may be felt in any area of life, including socially, at work or home. Honor your own experience and be guided by your intuition even though what you need for yourself may be out of sync with what others need from you. Relax. Get aligned with your own best interests first. That’s what others want for themselves, too.

“Teaching others how to respect your boundaries is important. Teaching yourself how to respect them is life changing”
~ Vienna Pharaon

Today’s Haiku

Emotions flow free.

Intuit. Let rock and soil

support without dams.


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