The Astrology

Venus, Sun, Moon, and Mars are gathered in Leo. Leo’s fire energy is like a cheerful warm and steady heat. Jupiter is at home and its energy is at full strength in Sagittarius. Sagittarian energy is like sparks flying in all directions from a cracklng fire. There’s a lot of fire energy around now as the New Moon emerges in Leo. Today, Mercury returns to direct motion in Cancer after being retrograde since July 8. So in a new month at the new Leo Moon and with Mercury facing forward, it’s onward we go.

I remember the awe I felt the day I fully realized that this universe we live is not random. It was a summer morning and I’d gone out for a walk. I looked up at the sky as I’d done every day since childhood and the thought occurred to me that the planets are never too late or too early in their orbits. We know centuries in advance precisely when every New and Full Moon will occur, when planets will retrograde, where they’ll be in relationship to each other, and so on. The planets never fly off course. Everything is held together and moves together with infinitely more precision than the finest Swiss-made clock. Nothing manmade approaches the kind of precision I’m talking about. It’s flat out amazing when you stop and think about how incredible it is that everything JUST WORKS and never breaks down!

The Vibe is “LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!”

The dominant energy for the next three weeks is fire, the kind of fire that supports life, love, and laughter. The universe is surrounding us with warm, positive, exciting vibes and you’ll feel like you want to enjoy life more than you have been. Here’s the catch. You have to let yourself feel good and the better you feel, the better you’ll feel.

Today’s Haiku

Merry we go round.
Still like children playing games.
It’s ok to have fun.

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