Today’s Astrology

Moon in Libra forms easy connections to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. The Moon advances to square Mercury in Cancer, and Mercury has almost completed its opposition to Saturn in Capricorn.

The Vibe is “TUNING IN”

There are two distinctly different and influential energies this week. One you’ll experience as easy and positive thoughts and emotions. The other will be experienced as challenges and be based on negative thoughts and difficult emotions. The challenging, negative energy is slightly more prominent into Thursday. Beginning late Thursday and extending throughout next week and until August 14, the energy shifts and has an easier, upbeat tempo. So hang in there.

In the meantime, you get to decide what you will both transmit and tune in to. You are a receiver in every sense of the word as you see, hear, feel, and interpret information that’s being transmitted by others. You also use your mind and body to communicate (transmit) messages to others. Like any communication device, you have the ability to tune to a different frequency and receive whatever messages/communications are being broadcast.

Most people think and do things out of habit. We tend to set our tuners to a station or channel (a frequency) and leave it there. We therefore hear, see, and read the same things over and over and over. The same programs, same music. same news and commercials. We see the same people, think the same thoughts, and eat the same foods.

So if you tend to tune in to people and things (Facebook, opinion pieces, etc.) that broadcast the negative messaging that brings forth from you negative thoughts and feelings, that’s what will most likely dominate your life during the next several days (or longer if it’s your tendency).

If you prefer, instead, to have more positive than negative experiences this week, you can do so by steering clear of the negativity (people, places, things) in every possible way. You don’t have to watch the news or engage in conversations about things that will bring you down and leave you more vulnerable to the negative vibes/channels/thoughts.

Plan ahead. If you know you’re a target/receiver for negativity, plan strategies now that will help  you have more positive experiences in the upcoming days. Take it an hour at a time if you need to. Break up your routines. Distract yourself with new experiences. Do you tend to see the cup half full or half empty? Whatever you dominant tendency is will be in higher focus today.

Ask yourself often: If I know what I don’t want, what is it that I do want? Stay focused on what you do want.

Today’s Haiku

A modest New Moon
Holds sway in relationships.
Some ambivalence.

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