The Astrology

  • Sun in Virgo is weakening the light of Mars and Venus in Virgo and of Mercury in Leo.
  • Venus In Virgo and retrograde Uranus in Taurus are cooperative though September 15, when Venus moves beyond Uranus’s influence.
  • Moon in Cancer is separating from its opposition to Saturn in Capricorn today.

I chose Astrology Unfolding as the name for my website and astrology practice because it reminds me that everything in our Universe is in a state of change and becoming something new. Nothing in the Universe will ever be exactly the same as it is right NOW in this red hot minute. By the time I finish today’s post, everything under the Sun will be in a slightly different relationship to everything and everyone else. Everything includes you and me.

This I know from my ongoing study of astrology: The Sun is always dominant among the other planets, including Earth. The Sun never changes or moves. Earth and all its inhabitants experience a different relationship to the Sun, based on where we are in our relationship (orbit) to the Sun day to day.

I bring this up here because it’s easy to get confused and to think of the Sun as strengthened or weakened by the sign its in. For example, Leo is the Sun’s home sign and its believed to operate at full strength when it’s in Leo. In fact, its at full strength in all the signs and it’s always focused on sustaining life here on Earth. It guides us through all areas of life and helps us focus our attention on more specific things at specific times of the year so that we can live better lives.

When it’s in one of other signs, it is thought to work with the ruling planet of that sign. Mercury rules Virgo and so while the Sun is moving through Virgo, Mercury will help the Sun to the best of its ability and the Sun will focus our attention on things associated with Virgo. Those things include: increased changeability, emphasis on details, harvesting and storing what was planted, sorting and discerning, counting and accounting. This is the time of year when people traditionally prepare for winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Using that explanation as a jumping off place, I offer my take on today’s energy flow.


Just as the Sun is always dominant in our Universe and also a cooperative component with other planets, you are always the dominate force in your life and you are a cooperative component in what goes on around you. There are times when you will work through and with others to accomplish what you want for yourself, like the Sun and the planets move in to and out of relationships with each other, but those people and things aren’t responsible for how you feel while you do what you do. You’ll feel real happiness when you know that you get to choose how you feel. Prove it to yourself. While you’re going about your day, pay attention to the little things (details) that you notice, and then notice how you account for how you feel. Are you feeling in charge of you? Don’t give away your power to influence your own happiness.

Jimmy Buffett shares his wisdom about happiness and who’s to blame in the song MARGARITAVILLE that you can listen to on YouTube.

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