The Astrology

There’s a New Moon in Virgo today.


This new Virgo Moon represents something new emerging after a period of gestation.

Before anything can BECOME there must be some kind of thought. You get ideas about things. Then you think about an idea until your thoughts gather enough momentum to create an intention. An  intention needs more thought before it can grow into a plan. This intention stage may include some very small actions, for example, research, but it can also be a time to just daydream about the intention. Daydreaming is a natural, enjoyable, fun activity; it’s also a valuable tool and resource during the planning phase of anything that’s to BECOME something. Always give yourself time to daydream.

Once your thoughts have gathered enough momentum to have become a plan you want to take action on, you’ve entered a new phase in the process of turning thoughts into things. Something new has emerged in you.

What is it? What have you been thinking about doing or changing? What direction are you being called toward?

You might not know in this red hot minute what will happen when you take the next step. There are always unforeseen and unexpected developments to be managed. And that’s the key point: Take the next reasonable step, and then the next, and so on. You don’t expect a seedling to produce fruit or flowers immediately. Whatever the new thing is that has emerged within you needs time to mature. But do take the next reasonable step.

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