Relationships, life, and planets on the move

The Sun was in the 17th degree of Virgo when I began writing the month-ahead trends for Libra. It’s been in the company of Mercury, Venus, and Mars as those planets travel together through Mercury-ruled Virgo. Both of the Sun’s guards, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn, are fully in charge and with unencumbered authority are tending to their responsibilities.

When this post is published, the Sun will be at 25 degrees in Virgo. Mercury and Venus will be in Libra. In paying attention to the movement of planets, we are reminded that change is continuous and inevitable, and we can gain access to and benefit from clear thinking and clear communication. We also need to gather relationships and resources that can sustain us now and in the future, and be mindful of overextending and overdoing in preparation for the seasons to come.

The Virgo season (August 22 – September 22) is noted for being seasonably warm (to hot) and a good time for drying. During this time is when many food crops are harvested, counted, and stored so they can be sold, traded, or used in the seasons ahead. It also marks the end of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the return to school (continuous learning) for many people.

The Sun is at home in Leo (July 22 – August 22).  When it’s in Virgo, its energy and focus shifts from stable to changeable. The Sun’s steady heat gives way to patterns that encourage and support change. The Sun’s entourage (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) lend their energy to change as well.

Mercury handily enables connections (messages, thoughts, travel and transport). It manages Virgo and attends to business well when it’s in this sign.

Venus always attracts relationships and personal resources and those things manifest according to the sign Venus is in. When its in Virgo, too much thinking can go on and idealism can get in the way of getting to what is truly wanted. In addition, the natural desire to share what is abundant can be either overdone or hindered, depending on personal attitudes. Attitudes toward service to others, for example, can enable others to take advantage in response to generosity.

In the ancient world, when action and energy were expended to put food on the table, Mars was the god of farming and agriculture. He has become the god of war and is associated with risk taking, strong assertive/aggressive behavior, and physical activity. In Virgo, Mars energy is restless. It’s associated with negative responses to outside stimuli that can range from compulsive to explosive.

With these thoughts in mind, I offer an overview of the month ahead.

Sun in Libra (September 23 – October 22)

When the Sun moves into Libra on September 23, it still has strong alliances with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn, but their energies are altered.

The tendency and energy to overdo in so many ways that was present during the Sun-Jupiter square has transformed into a sextile, an indication of strong beneficial energy. The Sun-Jupiter sextile lacks the drive (overdrive) associated with the square, making the month ahead a good time to review your goals. You can benefit from review and planning while in a good-feeling and positive mindset.

The focus and energy that supported self-discipline and the self-control to do what needed to be done and to feel accomplished during the Sun-Saturn trine has been replaced by a new awareness of external restrictions under the Sun-Saturn square. Whether real or imagined, any restriction is what it’s perceived to be. The month ahead will bring opportunities to challenge your own perceptions about what limits you.

While the Sun in Virgo period emphasized change, which is necessary before anything new can come into being, the Sun in Venus-ruled Libra is associated with the energy to initiate new things. Specifically, new relationships, partnerships, contracts, litigation, strategies, or anything that requires balance. These new things can involve other people and they can also be something new that you want from yourself for yourself.  Whether the agreements you reach now are between you and you or you and another, they will be based on a desire for balance and cooperation.

As mentioned above, Venus attracts what is desired–people, resources, etc. Expect to see new beginnings with positive outcomes favored (meaning that what is desired is more apt to manifest), because Venus is able to put all its focus on attracting what is wanted when it’s in its own sign. There is a caveat here. The Universe doesn’t discriminate between good and bad, right or wrong. Those are judgments people make. The Universe responds only to strong desire and what is focused on is what will be realized/received. There’s a challenge at the end of this post that I encourage you to do.

In the Libra season, the Universe will remind us to look for balance. There will be challenges to manage with diplomacy, negotiation, and cooperation. Seek win-win solutions rather than compromise that leaves one person with less than the other. This applies to you negotiating with yourself for new outcomes, as well.

Efforts to reach equilibrium will be easier before October 3, when Mercury moves from Libra to Scorpio, where it’ll stay until December 9. Normally, Mercury spends up to 30 days in a sign, but this year it turns retrograde while in Scorpio, which extends its time there. When Mercury is in Scorpio, other people and information may be more difficult to access. Secrecy and stubborn determination may stymie efforts. On the other hand, decisions made during the Mercury in Scorpio period are usually final and it’s somewhat easier to focus on goals. Retrograde Mercury may present its own challenges. I’ll write more about that later in October.

Now, the Challenge

The objective: Prove to yourself that what you think about is what you receive/realize. For the 30 days that the Sun is in Libra (September 23 – October 22), pay attention to what you think about and how you think about what you’re thinking about.

What you’ll need: Pen and paper. It can be a notebook, journal, calendar, etc. Or if you prefer, use a computer and OneNote (Microsoft) or similar program or app that lets you make notes.

What to do: Pay attention to what you’re thinking about. What do you want for yourself? Pay attention to the quality and nature of your thoughts. Are your thoughts mostly positive or mostly negative? Or are your thoughts a balance of positive and negative? A balance of positive and negative can have a different outcome than you might expect. Write something short (or long if that works better for you) every day for 30 days that will serve as a reminder to you about what you’ve been thinking.  This is how you’ll prove to yourself that what you think about is what becomes your reality.

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