The Astrology

Venus always attracts relationships and personal resources and those things manifest according to the sign Venus is in. When it was in Virgo, too much thinking about what is wanted was possible and idealism could get in the way of getting to what was truly wanted. In addition, the natural desire to share what is abundant could be either overdone or hindered, depending on personal attitudes. Attitudes toward service to others, for example, could make it easy for others to take advantage of you in response to your generosity.

Now that Venus is in Libra, expect to see some new beginnings. Positive outcomes are favored, meaning that what is desired is more apt to manifest if you don’t get in your own way. Venus in Libra emphasizes putting strong focus on attracting what is wanted. There is a caveat here. The Universe and the Law of Attraction don’t discriminate between good and bad, right or wrong. Those are judgments people make. The Universe responds only to strong desire and what is focused on is what will be realized/received.

Yesterday’s post goes into more depth on this topic and I give an overview of the Libra month ahead. There’s also a challenge at the end of that post that encourages you to show yourself that you attract what you think about.

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