The Astrology

  • The Moon is Full in Taurus today and opposing the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio.
  • The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio make a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn.
  • The Moon in Taurus makes a trine to Saturn.


The Taurus Full Moon reflects the light from the Sun in Scorpio Tuesday. Real-world concerns, responsibilities, boundaries, and value are touchstones that may coincide with you wanting more security in some area of your life (relationships, at home or work, etc.). Adding insurance, improving your transportation, investing in some kind of security (jewelry, financial, online, etc.), buying new clothes or outerwear are also expressions of the Taurus/Scorpio energy. Conversations may be more subjective than usual. It’s easier Wednesday – Friday, after the Moon moves into Gemini, to be objective.

Today’s Haiku

Share a point of view
While heart and mind do combine
Under nighttime light.

Postscript: Sign up for my email Astrology Unfolding email and see all of my forecasts. I don’t post all of them on this blog.

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