The Astrology

  • The Sun and Jupiter are in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius. These planets are totally focused on Sagittarian concerns, because they’re not making any aspects to planets in other signs.
  • The Moon has joined Venus and Saturn in Capricorn from where its ability to establish the tone of emotions and feelings will be strongly influenced by Saturn.
  • Mercury and Mars are in Mars’ sign Scorpio. These planets are opposing retrograde Uranus in Taurus.


You can begin some days with a substantial “to do” list and get a lot done. On other days, you want to goof off, socialize, be entertained, or shop. You’re inspired to an activity, or not. Inspiration (a new thought) isn’t enough to motivate you to action, though. You need to be in the mood, or have a strong need, before you go out to buy a new car or new appliances for your a new home, or buy flowers or gifts. Unless you’re in the mood and feeling inspired, you won’t buy anything even if retailers have spent their last advertising dollars to lure you into their stores. The stars have to align. Right? Yes, but the planets need to align with your planets (your birth chart), too.

The point I want to make is that you, me, everyone, is sensitive to something we can feel (the urge to shop, for instance), but that we can’t see. We’re sensitive to energy patterns and flow that we interpret as moods, inspiration, motivation, drive, desire, etc.

The practice of astrology is based upon seeing correlations between human activities and planetary placements. Observations over thousands of years have led to broad generalizations. One such generalization is that people who were born when the Sun was in Sagittarius are inspired to explore ideas, philosophies, and cultures. But like shoppers, not every Sun-sign Sagittarian will explore the same ideas or philosophies, and not every Sagittarian will travel to foreign counties. Some will travel in their minds only, exploring new thoughts inspired by reading, study, etc. Others may be inspired to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Some Sagittarians never travel and spend  their time spreading joy to others, like a jolly Santa Claus. Others spread so much joy they’re broke all the time.

That said, the dominant vibe today is associated with Mars. Mars is in Scorpio, which means the potential is high (generally) now for people to experience strong impulses to take action, have an adventure, pursue a goal, or defend their beliefs, property, etc. The intensity of the impulse is fueled by strong emotions and personal needs.

Venus in Capricorn is cooperating with and assisted by Mars in Scorpio to help you get you what you want. In other words, if you want something, the potential is generally good that you’ll get what you want. There is a caveat. You have to stay focused on what you want and not give in to doubts about your worthiness to have what you want, or you won’t get it.

The opposition of Mars to Uranus may coincide with a sudden breakthrough (insight, new energy, new emotions) in the weeks ahead that will provide fuel to sustain an urge you feel now for freedom and independence (from some influence). You’ll feel it in the area of your life that needs to expand/grow in some way(s). You may identify a personal need that is common to many people (updating knowledge about something or some group, for example), but how you need to grow is unique to you and your life. The courage to follow through when/if you get new insights is also contained in the transits of the planets in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Have the courage to focus on what you want, stay focused, and feel good about it.

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