The focus for January 2 and 3 is the meet up of Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn and the square the Moon in Aries makes to the planets in Capricorn.

As the Moon in Aries approaches its first-quarter phase, it’s reflecting the dynamic nature of change and our resistance to change. The lunar cycle reminds us that change is ongoing and that it happens with or without our agreement. Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn are reminders of the power in an optimistic and expansive mindset.

Mercury is associated with news, messages, mail, communication, and thinking. As soon as today or tomorrow, you may get some news, get something in the mail, or receive new insights about change(s) you’re considering. These events are the result of something you initiated awhile ago. I received new business cards in today’s mail. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and then promptly forgot about them in the hustle and bustle of the recent holidays. I ordered new cards because I changed where I work (moved from a rented studio back to my home studio) and I decided to stop identifying myself as a “painter, writer, editor.” My new cards say “painter.” They represent a change in how I present myself to new acquaintances.

Business Card_new 1-2-20


What’s manifesting now in your life isn’t finished. There’s still more to process and more to develop. For example, I decided rather recently to try doing some different things in my art practice. If my experiments work out, my art will look different a year from now.

Change can be abrupt or it can be almost unnoticed. Abrupt change is hard. The better way is to see the big picture and then make a series of small changes to move toward what you want. Pay attention to things you notice around you and to thoughts that pop into your mind. Even the most random things can impact your mindset and be important in your decision-making process.

Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn emphasize the potential everyone has to be, do, or have whatever they want.

More about the Energy Dynamics of Mars and Capricorn Planets

Mars is a wild card.

The Moon in Aries is managed by Mars through Jan 3. Aries is associated with hot, impulsive, direct energy, and Mars is associated with strong, driving energy. Strong desires to push hard and advance—the sooner the better—and a willingness to do almost anything to push through obstacles lead to testy conversations. With Mercury and Jupiter in the mix, optimism and curiosity remain high. After Mars moves to Sagittarius on Jan 3 and attitudes shift, you may notice conflicting ideals and beliefs are the source of disagreements with others, and even within yourself.

Capricorn, Mercury and Jupiter

Internal stress and resistance to what’s going on in your life are signaling that something needs to change. Mercury and Jupiter together in Capricorn represent time and space that can be used to gain a broader perspective and get excited about possibilities and new opportunities. The Moon’s square to Mercury and Jupiter is a reminder that a little resistance in the present can help to ensure a more satisfying outcome

Managing Personal Resistance and Change

When you feel resistance around some decision or someone, and you want to push ahead anyway, remember that unchecked actions often come with a high personal cost (emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual fatigue). Also remember who manages you. You do. Stepping back from time to time and checking in with yourself about your motives can be helpful. When you feel less pressured, you can tap into all the personal wisdom and knowledge (Jupiter) you’ve gained through previous experiences.

On the other hand, when you feel afraid to take action, allow your inner-warrior energy (Mars) some freedom to act so you can move toward personal and professional goals (Capricorn planets) that excite you. Small steps. Small advances. One brave, thoughtful decision followed by another will keep you moving toward your goals in the year ahead.

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