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The Moon in Gemini opposes Mars in Sagittarius most of the day.

Daily Horoscope

The Moon entered Gemini in the late evening on January 6 and immediately formed an opposition to Mars in Sagittarius. The nature of an opposition, as you might suspect, is to block or hinder in some way. The nature of Mars is to advance. When it’s activated in Sagittarius by the Moon, Mars can be motivated to act on ideals. While others may not think their opponent’s ideals are realistic, Mars activated energy is competitive and proving the competition wrong is a high priority. That individual’s weapon of choice is often mind games.

The nature of a Moon in Gemini is often described as fluctuating emotions and restlessness, which can be bothersome, for sure. It’s like being around an emotional, squirmy kid, who lacks respect for your personal space. But there’s a really positive upside here. If you can think of fluctuating as adaptable and restless as energetic, then it’ll be easier to divert (your own or someone else’s) attention to other things. Gemini is light and airy. Emotions tend to stay on the surface and dissipate quickly, like ripples that glitter and skitter across the surface of  lakes when a light breeze is around. The ripples, and the emotions, come and go quickly.

There’s no guarantee your effort to avoid conflict will work. If a confrontation does occur in spite of efforts to divert attention away from conflict, it may be best to ignore the fiery slings and arrows (words) from the Mars side. On the other hand, if you find yourself on the Mars side of this day, you may appreciate it tomorrow if folks don’t take you too seriously today.

An aside: When I wrote “slings and arrows” I wasn’t sure if it was a good description of the kind of behavior that’s often associated with Mars in Sagittarius, so I did a Google search and found this:

Winner of 13 Gemini Awards(really!! I didn’t make that up) and showered with critical acclaim, “Slings and Arrows” is a dark comic Canadian series that follows the fortunes of a dysfunctional Shakespearean theatre troupe, exposing the high drama, scorching battles, and electrifying thrills that happen behind the scenes. Available on Acorn TV. 

Gemini awarded Mars in Sagittarius for its high drama, dysfunction, and scorching battles. That was so good, I had to leave the phrase in!

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