The Astrology

The Moon in Gemini is engaging Venus in Aquarius in a trine all day.

The Vibe today is SOCIAL

Today’s perfect for social engagements and easy conversations. The strong yang quality of Gemini and Aquarius is harmonious and it can bring out the quirkiness in people. It’s not well suited for intimacy and cuddling or making final plans. People will be cooperative and they may come up with brilliant ideas, but then lack motivation to do any critical thinking if that’s what’s needed. Save real planning for another day.

Call or email a friend, coworker, roommate, or sibling, to meet you for lunch or dinner. If you get too busy to make a connection, or you’re thinking about too many things, you’ll probably hear from one of them. Lots of people may have similar thoughts, so lunch and dinner places will fill up fast. Call ahead. Lines may be long at places like the Department of Motor Vehicles, Post Office, and where ever you go to get a passport. 


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