Today’s Aspects

The Moon in Cancer opposes Jupiter in Capricorn throughout the day.

Looking Ahead

The Sun and Mercury join Saturn and Pluto in the 22nd degree of Capricorn on January 12.


The Moon is at home in Cancer. When it travels through its own sign (through early Saturday morning), it puts people in touch with strong emotions, either their own or the emotions of others. Those emotions can turn thoughts toward investments in country, home, family, and security. 

Jupiter is out of its element in Capricorn. It’s Jupiter’s nature to be upbeat and generous. When Jupiter (in Capricorn) is activated, as it is now by the opposition from the Moon, the desire for enthusiastic expansion and quick success are tempered by Saturn-like limitations. It’s Saturn’s nature to constrict and restrict, to be practical, and advance with right timing and caution toward goals. One way to think about the purpose of Saturn’s limits/contractions is to relate it to birthing. Contractions are necessary in the birth process. Without them, nothing would happen. The contractions move the baby through the birth canal, and it’s better for both mother and child if the process is allowed to happen in its right time. 

As long as Jupiter is managed by Saturn (as it is through December 2020), any expansion will tend to be conservative and limited to what’s practical. Of course, some people will strongly resist any constraints. This Moon-Jupiter opposition (and Jupiter in Capricorn) will frustrate people who feel self-important and/or self-righteous. People who are full of themselves will rebel against any constraints and expect extraordinary privileges.

The energy of the Sun and Saturn joining with Pluto over the weekend will manifest in variety of ways. This energy has been building for quite awhile, so what we’re seeing and experiencing now is the culmination of what has been going on over the past decade or two. At one end of the spectrum, are people who demonstrate intense strength of character and deal with obstacles and challenges with integrity and a deep sense of responsibility. At the other end are people who behave willfully out a great sense of entitlement, but also because of fear. Those people will try to destroy whatever is blocking them. Between the two extremes are people who feel and demonstrate integrity and responsibility to a greater or lesser degree.

I don’t write much about the darker side of human behavior. Drawing attention to it won’t stop the behaviors. I’m making this exception because while the Sun and Mercury will move away from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in a day or two, the impact of what people and world governments do in the next days and weeks will have far-reaching and long-lasting effects.

What goes on outside of your personal sphere of influence is not in your control. If you stay focused on what you can control, which are your moods and emotions, you’ll feel in control of yourself in spite of what goes on around you. Everything is always changing. If there are hard days ahead, they will pass, too.

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