The Astrology

  • The Moon in Virgo is applying to a cooperative trine with Saturn in Capricorn.
  • Venus in Pisces is applying to a challenging square to Mars in Sagittarius and a helpful sextile with Uranus in Taurus.


When the Moon is square Saturn in earth signs, you may find it’s difficult to relate to people. Feeling defensive to limit feeling fearful is one way this energy manifests, so remember that emotions and moods come and go. This energy will undergo a positive change when the Moon moves into Libra Wednesday morning. Reach for feeling good (stable) regardless of what is happening. It’s easier to feel good when feeling good doesn’t depend on conditions: what others do or don’t do, say or don’t say.

The energy associated with Venus manifests as desire to love and be loved. The energy of Mars manifests as the urge to participate in life and protect yourself during stressful times. On the positive side, when these two energies are active and blending, physical attraction between two people may intensify. On the other hand, it can bring unresolved tension to the surface in relationships. Venus has the upper hand in this meeting, though, and attraction rather than discord is more apt to win out. Expect this energy to persist through the end of January.

Uranus manifests as things happening that inspire and awaken new feelings. It also represents the urge to be free, independent, and authentic. When the energies of Venus and Uranus are blending, new reasons to fall in love with the same person, or reconnect with friends, may come to light in unexpected ways: chance encounters, happy surprises, and spontaneous moments and intimacy. This energy can also manifest as disharmony if someone feels a strong urge for independence. This energy will begin to dissipate on the weekend.

Today’s Haiku

Be your sparkling self.
Dance, even if the music stops,
With wild abandon.


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