The Astrology

  • The Moon, in the late degrees of Libra, enters its 3rd quarter today as it squares the Sun in Capricorn.
  • The Sun is winding up its time in Capricorn and is separating from its meeting with Saturn. It will enter Aquarius on January 20.
  • Mercury in Aquarius is moving into a square (conflict) with Uranus in Taurus.


You’ll need to make adjustments as the Moon enters its 3rd quarter phase in Libra, a feminine/yin air sign, and Mercury continues to close in on its tense contact with Uranus over the next couple days. The Moon’s phase correlates with that shift/change in any cycle (project, event, etc.) when what was planned and implemented is now being realized. The tightening square between Mercury and Uranus correlates with new encounters and lots of mental stimulation. Over the next day or two, it could get a little nerve-wracking. It’ll be important to remain flexible and make necessary adjustments. Your mind will be quick, too, though, so pay attention to random thoughts and gut instincts as you move through your day.

PS: To my reader, who is traveling today to Africa for a two-week adventure, have an  amazing time!

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