The Astrology

  • The Sun is in the last degree of Saturn-managed Capricorn. We’ll see it in Aquarius tomorrow, the other sign Saturn manages.
  • The waning Moon is connecting to the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn as it moves through the last few degrees of Scorpio.


Planets in the final degrees of a sign are exhausted from an energetic perspective. They’re about to change and assume a new attitude, a new point of view. What we’ll see happening in or around our own lives are changes in situations and circumstances, opinions and beliefs.

The Sun concludes its business in Capricorn today, where it’s been characterized as practical and and focused on useful actions. Take a few moments to reflect on what things of a practical nature that you’ve been involved with or have thought about doing. Do you feel ready to move on to the next step, or to make a change?

Tomorrow, the Sun will tune into Aquarius, an air sign, and people will want to adhere to concepts and ideals they believe in even as you make an effort to introduce/enact your new plans/ideas. If you encounter resistance within your self or from others, and you might, rather than push against the resistance, allow the resistance to exhaust itself, which it will (especially after February 7), as the Sun moves through Aquarius.

In the meantime, the Moon in Scorpio is losing light as it moves into its waning Balsamic phase. The time between now and the January 24 New Moon in Aquarius encourages rest, retreat, and closure. Now isn’t the time to initiate a new project or agree to something if you can wait. Use this time to release worry or fear and to allow what you’ve been visualizing to develop enough so that it will continue to grow after you launch it. What is developing in your life?

Today’s Haiku

What lingers unfinished
In your soul? Love it and dream
It into being.



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