The Astrology

  • There will be a New Moon in Aquarius at 3:45 PM (CDT) today.
  • The Sun and Moon in Aquarius form a challenging (square) connection to Uranus in Taurus.


When the Moon enters Aquarius in the predawn hours, it immediately forms a challenging connection with Uranus. This challenging connection can manifest as tense feelings, which are the result of willful, stubborn resistance to compromise. If you feel exhausted because of your own or someone else’s problems, step away. Watch from a distance as arguments come to a head that have been building between people or groups of people. Unusual or spontaneous events can bring new insight concerning a problem, your’s or another’s. Let the tension subside and then notice what you have more clarity about.

In the absence of moonlight, stars shine brighter. Even small and distant stars that we usually can’t see wink at us. If you’re not in a city and the sky is clear, step outside for a few minutes after it’s dark and do some stargazing.

Today’s Haiku

Restless. Tense. Worn out.
Rest in the dark moonless night.
Wake liberated.

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