The Astrology

  • The Sun at 7 degrees Aquarius is in its detriment (or exile), because it’s in the sign opposite to the sign it rules, Leo. In Leo, the Sun takes center stage and is playful and joyful. In Aquarius, the mood is more serious and detached, less optimistic.
  • Mercury at 18 degrees Aquarius is exalted, because Aquarius is an air sign (like Gemini). Mercury is powerful in Aquarius, but it’s still dependent on that sign’s ruler, Saturn, and Saturn is serious minded.
  • The New Crescent Moon is moving toward a strong connection with Venus while they both occupy Pisces. Venus is exalted (powerful) and the Moon is creative and sensitive in Pisces
  • Venus in Pisces is closing in on a square (tension) with Mars in Sagittarius. Because Venus is the faster moving planet and Mars is behind Venus, this square is more like a drag on Venus and less about pushing through some resistance.


If I could assign the above four items to “past” and “future, I’d say the first two are focused more toward the past and the last two are focused on the future. The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are dependent on Saturn, the planet we associate with responsibility, limitations, and lessons learned in the school of hard knocks. Venus and the Moon in Pisces are dependent on Jupiter, the planet we associate with expansion, abundance, and a “let’s have more, more, more fun” attitude. This isn’t a tug-of-war, though, because Jupiter is also under Saturn’s thumb (Jupiter is in Capricorn), so Saturn sets the stage and decides how to help the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, while they remain under his management. 

What You Can Do

Focus now on the future you want to have. Venus in Pisces is sensitive and wants romance. But a romance that’s begun now may lack the wow factor you’re looking for. What may seem like sparks or chemistry at the onset is apt to become plain old tension as you get to know the other person.

The creative energy that Venus and Mars represent can be used in other ways. What do you want? Not you AND someone else, just you. What do you want? Let yourself daydream about it. Buy a book or magazine and read about it. Pretend you’re doing it. Look forward to what you want.


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