The cycle of creativity is well aligned with Earth’s annual seasons. When it’s winter, things rest. They’re preparing to produce in the spring. What gets started during the spring produces during summer, and what was produced in summer is released in the fall. Then, the busyness gives way to another period of rest.

The lunar cycle clearly follows the same cycle of rest (dark of the Moon), preparing (growing toward full), making maximum light (full Moon), and releasing light (disseminating phase).

The week also follows the cycle of creativity:

  • Rest aligns with Saturday and Sunday.
  • Preparing aligns with Monday and Tuesday.
  • Making aligns with Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Releasing aligns with Friday.

While there is some overlap between the days so that Saturday, for example, can be useful for releasing and Sunday for preparing, we are often a little or a lot out of sync with the cycle. When we’re too out of sync, life tends to not go well. It’s out of balance.

Planets have creative cycles, too. During the week ahead:

The Sun passes the midway point of Aquarius this week. Seeing things from a different angle, an angle that can impact the future, is a common theme when we see the Sun in Aquarius. (Note: the Sun doesn’t actually move. Earth does, and we see the Sun in different signs because we see it from different perspectives as we circle the Sun.) The fixed quality of Aquarius is recognizable as the energy of unwavering resolve to reach goals. However, Aquarius aligns with the REST/Winter phase in the cycle of creativity.

How can we reach for goals AND rest? By day dreaming and imagining, for awhile, without attachment to any specific outcome.

Venus is moving through the late degrees of Pisces. Venus functions very well in Pisces, where it’s managed by Jupiter. So for the rest of this week, things involving Venus will have a Jupiterian flavor. A common theme when Venus is in Pisces is creative visualizing—dreaming—about what is wanted. Dream big!

Mercury entered Pisces on Monday, where it, too, functions with a Jupiterian flair. Mercury in Pisces also increases what is dreamed about, but with different results. While Venus attracts what is needed so that progress is possible when the time is right, Mercury in Pisces is prone to wishful, scattered thinking. Big dreams. Not much to back those dreams up.

The Bottom Line

If we take our cues from the Aquarius Sun and allow time to rest, dream, imagine the possibilities, and not fall into wishful, aimless patterns of thinking, then when the time is right, we’ll be prepared to take the next steps in creating what is truly wanted.




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