I could have said, “Focus on what you want to do,” or “Focus on where you want to go,” We want to go places in life, and we want to do things, but maybe most of all, we want to just BE. BEING implies that you’re doing what you need to do in order to BE what what you want to be and feel the way you want to feel. So, how can you BE what you want to BE and feel the way you want to feel?

By focusing. 

It’ll be somewhat easier early in the week when planets in earth signs are in a cooperative trine with each other. Saturn in Capricorn continues to influence the activities of the Sun and Jupiter, because Saturn rules (manages) both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn tuned into both Uranus in Taurus and the Moon as it moves through Virgo.

Focusing on how you want to be gets more difficult as the week goes on, because the urge to push on and push ahead, like a locomotive, dominates. That’s why you need to try and pay attention to how you feel. The alternative is to do clean up duty after emotional outbursts.

The planets are distributed in adjacent signs so there’s very limited interaction between them (no strong focus). The Moon is the only point of contact with other planets for most of the week. That tells me that WHAT and HOW PEOPLE FEEL will be a dominate theme.


The Astrology for the Week Ahead

  • The Moon was full in Leo on Sunday and throughout the week it will decrease in light. All week long, the energy is about releasing/letting go what has been learned, built, manifested, and so on.
  • Today, Monday, the Moon is in Virgo and opposing Mercury in Pisces.
  • The waning Moon contacts both Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn on Tuesday. It could be a more challenging day.
  • Wednesday, the Moon in Libra opposes it’s ruling planet, Venus, as that planet travels through Aries.
  • Thursday, both Mars and Saturn are activated by contact with the Sun and Moon and the energy is mixed. Ideas flow freely but there’s likely to be tension in the air.
  • Friday’s lineup provides some relief to tensions that existed during the week. The Moon in Scorpio flows into an easy trine with Mercury in Pisces and the Sun’s sextile to Mars in late Sagittarius.
  • Mercury in Pisces has been slowing down all week and on Monday, February 18, it will being a three-week retrograde period.

I’ll expand on some of these planetary aspects throughout the week. In the days ahead, think about how you want to BE and tune into your emotions, because your emotions are always  your best guide.

Choose to feel good and good things will follow.







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