The Astrology

  • The Full Moon in Leo on the weekend brought to light what needs attention. Now, the waning Moon in Virgo connects with both Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn to take the next step.


What needs your attention or needs to be organized or planned? Today, while the Moon finishes its transit through Virgo, the energy is available to take it on. If planning and organizing are already on your agenda, kudos! You’re timing is great. It’ll be easier to do whatever you need to do if you’re honest with yourself, are direct with others and stay out of the weeds, meaning “don’t get tangled up in irritating details.” Directness usually gets a better reception when it’s tempered with sincerity and criticism is avoided.

Note that on Sunday Mercury will begin three weeks in retrograde motion. The standard advice during a retrograde is to double-check things that need to be signed, be alert to potential errors and omissions, and plan for delays or do-overs. Those of you who have birthdays during the retrograde may experience more than the usual amount of disruption, but if you take things in stride as they come along, your ship will weather any storm and right itself soon.

Today’s Haiku

Jack frosted the panes
of glass all round our house and
swathed tree limbs in rime.




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