The Astrology

  • Mercury is retrograde until March 9.
  • Mars joined Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn over the weekend. While in Capricorn through March 31, it’s managed by Saturn.


Charm, intuition, receptivity, and imaginative, creative thinking are stimulated when Mercury travels in expansive Pisces. Note that it’s traveling in retrograde motion in Pisces through March 3 then retrograde in Aquarius until March 9. When Mercury is in Aquarius, open-mindedness and curiosity are enhanced by imagination and intuition.

Wherever Mercury is active in your chart, you may be a lot busier, receive a lot of communication (email, mail, phone calls), do a lot more visiting, and spend a lot more time in transit (driving, biking, walking, etc.). You definitely won’t be bored.

For the next three weeks, though, while Mercury is retrograde, things can slip through the cracks and get lost or delayed. And miscommunication and errors can send things in the wrong direction. If you notice that your mind (communication, thinking, etc.) isn’t as clear as you’d like, then it may be a good idea to deliberately retreat from what isn’t working in your favor (technology, electronics, equipment, conversations, agreements, etc.). It’s only temporary. And being alone with your own thoughts for a few days can put you more in touch with your intuition and creative thinking.

While Mars is in Capricorn, and if it’s active in your chart, you may have considerable energy, stamina, and determination to achieve goals.

Keep in mind, though, that expansive, even grandiose, thoughts and communications are more apt to occur during Mercury’s retrograde period. Reread the cautions and plan to do more than survive. Thrive!



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