The Astrology

The Sun is in Pisces, one of two signs managed by Jupiter and where Mercury is traveling in retrograde motion.

The waning Balsamic Moon enters Aquarius midday today after its meeting with Saturn in the late degrees of Capricorn. Saturn also manages Aquarius and the Moon is acting as an Ambassador to the people until it leaves Aquarius near midnight Saturday (depending on time zone). The New Moon in Pisces will occur very early Sunday morning when the Sun and Moon are both at 4 degrees Pisces. 

Looking Ahead

The Sun begins a new annual cycle on March 19 at the Vernal Equinox (first day of Spring). Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius just three days later on March 22.

The Chart for Today

The chart that accompanies today’s post is timed for 2:20 PM CST. I’m just having a little fun and taking advantage of the sequence of numbers, which is 2-20-2020 at 2:20 PM. I don’t attach any particular significance to either the time or date, although anyone who is born at that time, or at 2:20 AM, will have fun with that sequence. 


How has Mercury retrograde been treating you? Mercury retrogrades have a reputation for causing problems with transportation, electronics, schedules, communications, etc. But if you follow your instincts and pay attention to insights and inspiration that you receive, you may see new opportunities for growth and change.

We’re refinancing our home. We started the process over a month ago so all the paperwork was submitted before Mercury turned retrograde. At the closing, we’ll check the numbers very carefully before we sign. That’s a good practice under any circumstances. It’s even more important when Mercury is retrograde in order to avoid do-overs, errors, and omissions.

I’ve repainted the our family room and finally finished one small nook that’s tucked  between two closets in the entryway. The nook has gone unfinished since we built the addition fifteen years ago. In March or April, we’re redoing our deck, which will be fun to use when spring does arrive.

I’m revisiting and revising my thoughts about astrology and my art practice, which means I’m also revisiting some of my long-held thoughts and beliefs and making way for new ideas and practices. I work and paint in my home-based studio.

As I finish up the old and dream up the new, Mercury retrograde is in the 12th Pisces house of my birth chart. I didn’t plan months ago to do any of the things I’m doing now. Yet, my thoughts and experiences are consistent with tying up loose ends and finishing old business as the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Pisces activate planets in the place that’s associated with home and family in my chart, the 4th house. 

The timing was right for me to do the things I’m doing, and things that are associated with a Mercury retrograde period: refinancing, repainting, redoing, revising, renewing, rethinking, revisiting. Your thoughts (inspiration, insights, instincts) and actions may be focused in different areas of life: relationships, work, schooling, or health, for example. And that brings me to the next point, which is: DREAM A BIG DREAM!

What Do You Want?

Now is the time to dream, and don’t be afraid to dream big, about what you want for yourself. The old Sun has entered the dream time (Pisces) and retrograde Mercury in Pisces is activating your memory, creativity, and imagination. You may notice that your intuition is heightened, as well. Release what holds you back from being, doing, or having whatever it is that you want. Trust the benevolent energy of the universe to bring you closer to your heart’s desire.


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