The Astrology

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until March 9. While everyday life may have felt almost “normal” even though we’re in the middle of a retrograde period, you may experience some slowdowns, reversals, or upsets as we get closer to and a few days after March 9. Everything will work out as it should in the weeks after the retrograde when Mercury is once again cruising in direct motion through Pisces.

Saturn is at its most Saturnine as it moves through the final degrees of Capricorn between now and March 22. Saturn is the limiting factor that enters your life in many forms, but especially through the limitations of time, aging, depression, structures (bones, buildings, hierarchies, organizations, governments, etc.), and boundaries. Wherever Saturn is transiting in the context of your natal chart, you may be experiencing some kind of limitation that’s preparing you for changes to come. Saturn is also associated with wisdom, and when you’ve lived some life, you know that “this too will pass.” It’s good to keep that in mind if you’re in a rough patch at the moment.

Leap Day Thoughts

When I woke up this morning I had the feeling that this is a magical day—in the sense that it’s an extra day in the year and, therefore, extra-ordinary. Of course, we get a Leap Day every four years because our calendars would be out of sync with the solar year if an extra day wasn’t added.  Nevertheless, it’s “extra” and not ordinary. 

Leap Day could be an analogy for the need to allow something to expand in your life. It’s also a cautionary tale. Imagine what would happen if we didn’t allow the calendar to occasionally expand with a Leap Day. Eventually, the Spring Equinox wouldn’t occur in March. Kids would go back to school during the wrong season and your summer vacation would be in jeopardy! Snow could eventually come in June!

In the same way that we need to expand the calendar,  we need to allow new thoughts (expansion) in and make adjustments based on what’s really happening, or life gets all out of whack.

Does something feel out of whack (out of sync) in your life? How can you allow expansion? You may have to release what isn’t working before you can be and feel in sync with yourself.


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