The Astrology and My Thoughts

Mercury has reentered Pisces. The trickster, traveler, troubadour has more difficulty communicating clearly when it’s in Pisces. Pay attention to your night dreams and daydreams, because dreaming and imagining can be offering you guidance about what to do next. At the end of this week, Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus. This connection may help you manage some issue with more ease. Be on the lookout for new ideas, new people, or new experiences. You could be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised when you feel a new sense of excitement and interest. Old problems may be easily resolved if you can go with the flow and give new ideas, people, and things a chance.

Mars joins Jupiter this week and the two planets share the same degree in Capricorn, where Saturn sets the tone. Mars deserves its reputation as an aggressive force and enforcer. While it’s in Capricorn, using Saturn’s resources and following Saturn’s instruction, though, Mars is focused and restrained. You may be more focused on doing the right things and be less apt to jump to conclusions and take wrong actions. However, Mars is also being influenced by Jupiter and Jupiter is known for making more of things than may be useful or warranted. While Mars is in close contact with Jupiter this week, and while its also influenced by the Saturn archetype (recognized as mature, restrained, wise leadership), you may feel the tension between restraint and aggression. Be very conscious of what you’re tuning in to. An angry person will find more to feel anger about, etc. Be purposeful, and be direct about what you need or want.

The Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox on March 19. The Sun will travel alone (it doesn’t form any aspects with other planets) in Aries for almost a week, before the Moon catches up with the Sun. The New Moon in Aries on March 24 will be a turning point and new beginning. In fact, the whole week offers opportunities.

Dream about what you want (Mercury and Uranus). Dare to reach for what you want to manifest (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). Let go and move on (Sun entering Aries and New Moon).

I don’t presume to know what will happen in the weeks and months ahead. One thing I know for sure, though, is that everything is always changing. Whether you focus on what makes you feel good and¬†minimize the time you spend looking at what’s wrong and speculating about how much more could go wrong, or whether you look forward with hope or feel stuck and anxious about what already has been, you’ll see what you want to see and have experiences that prove to you that you’re right.


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