“When we look down at the earth from space, we see this amazing, indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism. But it also, at the same time, looks extremely fragile.

… Anybody else who’s ever gone to space says the same thing because it really is striking and it’s really sobering to see this paper-thin layer and to realize that that little paper-thin layer is all that protects every living thing on Earth from death, basically. From the harshness of space.”

Shuttle/ISS astronaut Ron Garan

The Astrology at the Spring Equinox and My Thoughts

The Sun began a new solar year when it reached 0 degrees Aries on March 19 at 10:50 PM CDT. You may notice that people are more invigorated and also more impatient to take action. As with any new venture, there are a lot of unknowns in the year ahead. We have a lot of uncharted territory to go through.

You’ll see people willing to set aside their fears and take on challenges that were unknown just a short time ago. Some things that start up now won’t reach their potential or they’ll be abandoned. That’s normal. 

While the Sun exchanged signs, Pisces for Aries, Mars caught up to and formed a conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn magnified and brought to light the best and the worst in people, groups, organizations, and governments. We’re seeing from a new perspective our own strengths and weaknesses. And we’re experiencing the strengths and weaknesses in the structures upon which we’ve built our lives and our society.

A lot is happening in our personal lives, in our societies, and in the many governing structures around the world as Saturn finishes its time in Capricorn. Saturn is old and brittle in the last degree of Capricorn. But it’s far from weak. Quite the contrary is true. Principles commonly associated with Saturn are responsibility, boundaries (borders), separateness, consequences, harsh lessons, and mortality.

The theory is: If people don’t mature, accept responsibility, understand important boundaries and consequences, then harsh lessons and consequences result.

In just a matter of days, we’ve seen borders closed between countries and new boundaries (social distancing) created between people. Some state governors have told people to shelter in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

This may be the worst of times for many. This may also be the start of something new that will lead to the best of times.

I feel hopeful. And it’s my hope that when you watch the short video, you will, too. There are many unknowns ahead as we move, like the Sun, into uncharted territory. As you’ll see when you watch the video, we live on an amazing planet in an amazing time. So much more is possible. 

Saying Goodnight To Earth v2: https://player.vimeo.com/video/124976231

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