The phrase “As above, so below” is used by astrologers to explain why and how the world works. The concept implies that the planets are linked to life on earth, and that the microcosm and the macrocosm are connected, that our human world is related to the larger Universe.

We know that the Sun is the center of our Universe and all the planets revolve around it. Astrologers observe (I’ll comment on this below) the parallels that occur between what’s above and what’s happening here on Earth, and then we talk/write about those things.

Social-Distancing Parallels the Sun’s Isolation

Since the Sun’s been in Aries (March 19), it’s been alone; it’s isolated from other planets. By isolated, I mean that it’s made only brief contact (by aspect) with the Moon for much of the past three weeks. It hasn’t been in direct communication with the other planets. (A brief explanation of planetary aspects follows at the end.)

Just as the Universal Sun supports all of life here on Earth, you have a Sun (your heart) that supports your life and your will to live and to be your authentic self. Our Universal Sun’s isolation parallels what MANY people around the world are experiencing as we isolate ourselves to minimize the spread of the Corona virus.

We’re sharing a universal experience, but doing it alone or in small family groups.

The Universal Sun is not really alone, though, as you can see in the image above. It’s surrounded by all the planets, including our home, the Earth. The planets represent different things in our lives. Things like the structure of our society (Saturn), communication and transportation (Mercury), will to action (Mars), beliefs (Jupiter), resources (Venus), home and family (the Moon). While our Suns are isolating, other aspects of the life we co-create and share with others continues to evolve just as the planetary relationships co-create and evolve.

That your life and my life are linked to everyone else’s life to some degree has been brought home loudly and clearly over the past couple of months. We breathe the same air. The thoughts we think have the potential to impact the lives of other people in very significant ways.

The Benefit of Alone Time

When you’re connecting with other people, your thoughts and behaviors are modified in some different ways. But when you’re alone and not thinking about anything or anyone else, when it’s just you thinking about you and what you want to do or be, it’s easier for you to be you and to do your own thing. Getting to know who you are and what you need and/or want is one benefit of isolation.

What have you remembered or discovered about yourself in the past several weeks? Where are you on the emotional scale between sad, afraid, angry, or depressed and engaged, happy, and eager to grow emotionally and/or spiritually? 

I’ve had many good days, days when I’ve felt grounded and centered. I’ve also had days when all I thought about is Corona virus and death. I haven’t been writing about astrology, because I didn’t know how to think about and relate the As above, so below concept in a way that was meaningful to me. Then, at about 5 AM today, I had a thought. That thought was:

The only way to consistently feel good and feel grounded in life is to love yourself in any and all conditions. In other words, unconditionally, or regardless of conditions around me. No one can make me feel negative emotions unless I make them responsible for how I feel and what I think.

When we care about ourselves enough to not allow conditions or other people to hijack our commonsense, goodwill, and opportunities for a more equitable future, then it’s easier to feel good.

Sometimes that’s easier to say than to do. But ask yourself: Do you really owe it to others to have negative feeling emotions, or do others just expect certain things from you and you have learned to comply? Then, ask yourself how you or anyone you know benefits from you feeling bad, or sad, or, or, or…. Can you feel bad enough to make other people feel good?

Too much emphasis on what is (observation) can cause a feeling of “stuckness” in what is.

There’s a lot going on to observe. Much of what we see provides motivation and inspiration for improvements. But if you’re feeling negative emotions because of what you’re observing around you, those negative emotions can prevent you from seeing other really good things that are happening, too. The ever-evolving planetary relationships are reminders that everything is evolving, that we are co-creators with others, AND that we can benefit from time alone, too.

We are all co-creators of our ever-evolving human world.

Planetary Aspects

Briefly, traditional astrologers pay attention to aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, sextiles, and trines) to understand how the energy flows and manifests between planets. When planets are connected by aspects, a blending, or modification, of planetary energy takes place.

  • A conjunction occurs when two or more planets are separated by less than 10 degrees. Mars and Saturn are in a conjunction now in Aquarius.
  • A square occurs when two or more planets are separated by approximately 90 degrees. Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are exactly 90 degrees apart now, as indicated by a red line between them in the chart above.
  • An opposition occurs when two or more planets are separated by approximately 180 degrees. The Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Pisces are opposing each other now, as indicated by a red line between them.
  • A trine occurs when two or more planets are separated by approximately 120 degrees. The Moon in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn are trine now, as indicated by a blue line between them.
  • A sextile occurs when two or more planets are separated by approximately 60 degrees. Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn are in a sextile now, as indicated by a green line between them.

Think about planetary aspects as if they are experiences in day-to-day life.

For example, if you and another person are not in agreement, then the energy exchange between you and them feels challenging (equivalent to the opposition and square). You’re still you, but your way of being and interacting with others is modified. 

If on the other hand, when an opportunity comes to you and you benefit in some way from a connection to another person/people and you feel at ease and happy, then your behavior and thoughts are modified accordingly (equivalent to the trine and sextile).




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