Thought for the Day

Whenever you’re feeling less than good, if you stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good and I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought.

Negative emotions are always a sign that you are resisting something or someone, and that you want things or people to be different than they are. Resisting what is expends a lot of energy, though, making it harder to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Being resistant can prevent you from seeing or allowing in the good things that are all around you.

A Look at the Astrology

I wrote recently about the phrase “As above, so below” and said that astrologers use it to explain why and how our world works as it does. The concept implies that the planets are somehow linked to life on earth, that the microcosm and the macrocosm are connected, and that our human experiences (microcosm) are part of the larger Universe(macrocosm).

When I wrote that post on April 6, social distancing was still fairly new to us. If you want to reread that post, it’s on my blog

Today, the Sun and Mercury are in the early degrees of earth-sign Taurus. Taurus energy is characterized as solid, reliable, persistent, warm, earthy, and comfortable. Taurus is associated with planting, gardening, security, and abundance. The planet Venus manages Taurus. In other words, she is responsible, in the same way a host is responsible, for meeting the needs of guests/planets in her domain (the Sun and Mercury). Venus is associated with benevolent energy and the power to attract whatever it is that’s focused on.

The Sun in Taurus is warming the Northern Hemisphere. It’s urging new crops to grow for food and harvest and for our comfort and pleasure. New leaf buds are greening the trees. Flower gardens are coming back to life. Birds are singing and building nests. Turtles are basking on fallen logs and the unmistakable sound of frogs rise up from every still pond and marsh. The Sun is taking care now to nurture new life and to reassure us, with help from Venus, that what we want in order to feel secure is underway.

We look to Mercury when we want to know more about commerce, transportation, and technology. Mercury is also associated with messages, including the thoughts you think and receive, and with breathe and the air you breath. The virus that has caused governments in every country and state around the world to issue stay-at-home orders is communicated through the air and compromises the lungs.

Venus and Mercury in Taurus are in a mutually cooperative relationship at this time. Here on Earth, our parallel experience is realized as grocery stores, community food shelves, and takeout food places continue to meet our needs. You can buy almost anything you need or want online and have items delivered to your home. I saw a news story about the owner of a beauty salon owner (salons and hairdressers are definitely in the domain of Venus) in California who is premixing and delivering hair coloring products to her customers and posting videos on YouTube that teach people how to apply the color to their own hair.

With so much working well for us, we still feel challenged to meet new and ongoing demands and resistant to this new way of interacting with each other. While social distancing has helped to flatten the curve and allowed the medical community time to gear up for what’s ahead, social distancing has also created stress.

Negative emotions are always a sign that you are resisting something or someone, and that you want things or people to be different than they are.

Of course, everyone wants things to be different than they are.

But, by looking back to the 1918 pandemic, we know to expect the infection rate to rise again later this year. That prediction is consistent with what the planets indicate will occur, beginning in July-August. In the not so distant past, people planted and planned ahead for winter, when food would be hard to find. We still have a responsibility to manage our assets and resources in the months ahead. I don’t recommend hoarding anything, but hoarding and thoughtful planning are not the same. Planning now and setting some things aside (money, staples, etc.) will help you be prepared for winter. Things will improve, as they always have, next spring.

Only you can decide how you want to be and feel going forward. I know for sure the most important thing you can do for yourself is feel good and not look for reasons to feel upset and powerless. Looking for reasons to feel good will increase your resiliency and that will enable you to make better choices for  your future self.

While no one can predict with certainty what will happen in the future, the Sun and Mercury in earthy Taurus, and all the other planets, remind us every day that there is a steady, highly predictable, benevolent presence all around us.

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