The Astrology

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer until July 12 at the same time that Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius are retrograde. Venus will end its retrograde period June 24 and slowly resume direct motion in Gemini on June 25.

The Summer Solstice occurred June 20 when the Sun entered Cancer.

Currently, Saturn is the planet with the most strength (dignity). Even though it’s traveling retrograde, Saturn’s energy is strong because it’s in its own signs (Aquarius now and then retrograding into Capricorn). A planet in its own base of power is associated with better performance and vitality and its better qualities are usually emphasized. What are Saturn’s qualities?

Saturn’s Strength

Saturn represents isolation, limitations, serious responsibilities and duties, reflection, and strategic planning. We’re experiencing isolation, limits, and the responsibilities and duties due to the pandemic. While these things do feel difficult, they do serve a higher purpose. Our governments and health providers have developed and implemented strategies to help us get through this challenging time.

If that sounds kinda heavy, it is. But Saturn isn’t associated with fun even on its best days. Jovial Jupiter usually picks up all the slack in that department, but even Jupiter isn’t frolicking during this Covid-impacted summer, because Jupiter is in Capricorn and managed by Saturn. What we’re experiencing instead is limited access to beaches, travel, and social gatherings, etc.

What this means is that while Jupiter is in Capricorn and then Aquarius until December 29, 2021, we will continue to experience limits on what we can do and where we can go. Keep in mind, please, that any dates only indicate energy shifts. In other words, some things you have enjoyed doing may begin returning to a more “normal” state sooner than late 2021. But rebelling against what Saturn represents doesn’t usually end well.

When Saturn is experienced as a contrary, negative energy, you’re more apt to experience or see impatience, thriftiness turn to stinginess, fear-based tactics employed by those who want to gain power over others, and mean (even really, really mean) behaviors coming from people. These are choices some people will make when or if they want to break free of real or perceived limitations.

Saturn’s rewards are always just, and sometimes, swift. Whether or not we work within the constraints imposed on us by the circumstances surrounding us, we will get our just rewards.

Visionary activist and astrologer Caroline Casey said in her book Making the Gods Work for You, “When we’re out of touch with our inner rhythm, we lose our sense of confidence, flexibility, and humor.” We need those things to thrive in the months ahead. And so…

Doing inner work now is important. The retrograde planets Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are signaling that reflecting on what is is necessary so we can choose a path forward. The impulse to do that reflecting is strong, and you get to choose how you’ll respond.

If you’re feeling constrained, there are symbolic (and playful) things you can do to increase your mental, physical, and spiritual flexibility. For example, you could:

  • Play online escape room games for a fun challenge
  • Lift weights to counteract feeling weighed down
  • Learn and practice escape magic tricks
  • Perform an unbinding ritual

Haiku to Saturn

For human-kind’s sake
and to heal from loves lost
do resolve to play.

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