Personal Quests

The Sun in Sagittarius has had no connections (aspects**) from other planets for most of the time its been in Sagittarius. Mars and Mercury are in Scorpio, Uranus is in Taurus, while Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in Capricorn. Those planets make aspects to each other, but not to the Sun. Only our Moon has connected with the Sun as it orbits Earth. I’ve thought about this phenomenon for several days, because it’s a bit unusual. I’ve had so many thoughts about the Sun in Sagittarius that I could write a paper, and I have been writing. But you don’t want to read a paper.

So what follows are my constrained musings about what it may mean that the Sun in Sagittarius is surrounded by, but not engaged with, other planets. It’s only connection at this time being with the Moon as the Moon circles Earth.

The Sun is the heart of our universe. In astrology, it represents life and the creative force. When its in Sagittarius, it draws our attention to beliefs about ourselves in relationship to everything that surrounds us. You, me, everyone acquires beliefs via associations with different Sagittarian themes of culture (both foreign cultures and our own), religious training and experience, and higher education (including esoteric teachings). And we believe what we believe until some new experience causes us to question our beliefs, and then ask ourselves whether if what we believe is true, right, wrong, or just. These questions and experiences create feelings and emotions.

The Moon reflects the Sun’s light and its always changing. In astrology, the Moon is associated with our feelings and emotional responses. What you believe impacts how you feel, and how you feel impacts what you believe.

What you believe—your truth—changes as you expand your thinking through your associations with other people, cultures, belief systems, etc. You grow and change when you have new desires and new experiences. Proof that this is true is all around us in the form of progress, new inventions, new knowledge about health and healing, our changing relationships with other people, countries, etc.

The Sun’s present relationship with the Moon is energizing our personal quests to align our hearts with positive feeling emotions—happiness, optimism, good will, and joy (all Sagittarius themes). You may feel as though a major shift is taking place (or needs to), or you may have simply grown tired of the kind of books you read. If your heart and emotions are not aligned with what you believe, if you resist changing what you believe, then the gifts of Sagittarius—happiness, optimism, and joy—remain elusive.

What are you questing after? What personal beliefs are you confronting? You’ll know your truth when your heart and emotions are aligned with your beliefs. You know when you’re heart and emotions are aligned, because you feel happy and optimistic about life. The changes you make now are preparing you for the next phase. What to do next will be more apparent when the Sun is in Capricorn after the Winter Solstice.

**An aspect occurs when a planet is 60, 90, 120, or 180 degrees from the Sun as we see them from here on Earth.


Less is More as Jupiter and Venus Move through Capricorn

The Astrology

  • The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius are cooperative components in today’s events.
  • Jupiter is in the last degree of Sagittarius, one of the two signs it manages. It moves into Capricorn tomorrow, from where it will continue in its role as ambassador and benefactor, but with a Capricorn/Saturn twist.
  • Saturn (a stern minimalist) has management of both planets that represent benefits: Venus (planet that attracts through strong desire, increases abundance) and Jupiter (planet that strengthens and increases whatever it comes in contact with, beneficial, magnanimous). Venus will remain under Saturn’s influence through mid-January, when it moves into Pisces. Even then, Saturn will continue to some influence in Venus-related affairs, because Jupiter (the ruler/manager of Pisces) is in Capricorn.

The Vibe is LESS IS MORE

Desire for pleasure and abundance accompanied a spirit of goodwill and generosity over the past several weeks. If you were one of the people who allowed yourself to receive what you desired, then you most likely benefited from the magnanimous spirit of others. The payoffs may or may not have been monetary. Maybe you desired new friends, improved relationships, more free time, a better attitude. Everyone wants different things. Look at what has manifested in your life recently. If it matches what you desired, then you’re letting what you want in. You DO have to let it in, though, because no one can make you accept something.

The holiday shopping season is underway and both you and merchants have felt the recent influence of the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The energy that fueled optimism is changing, though. I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t have any inside information about expected shopping trends. I do believe merchants are expecting good profits, though, based on the happy, expansive influence of important planets in Sagittarius that was dominant. They’ll get what they want IF they’re selling what you want to buy. With both Venus and Jupiter now under the influence of Saturn in Capricorn, a stern minimalist, you may notice that you’re less impulsive and quality may be more important to you than quantity. Less can be more satisfying.

The less is more attitude can be felt and experienced in any area of your life. You may have fewer friends, but enjoy better relationships with those who remain friends. You may clear clutter in your home and enjoy more open space. You may work fewer hours and enjoy more time alone. What you do is up to you.

Today’s Haiku

By Jove we expand.
By Infortune we contract.
Sol is life and love.