Let Go of Deliberate Discontent

The Astrology

  • The Moon meets with Uranus in Taurus today and continues its tour of Taurus through Wednesday.
  • The Moon illuminates Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, while Uranus intensifies social exchanges.
  • The Sun in Libra has received testimony from Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn, and now it’s deliberating. Its next meeting is with the Moon as the Moon passes through Gemini Thursday and Friday.


The Moon is associated with emotions, Venus with giving and receiving, Mercury with communication and thought, and Uranus with social-consciousness and awareness, excitement, breakthroughs, and chaos. The Moon and Uranus in Taurus oppose Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, mirroring our views, thoughts, and communications regarding social responsibilities and justice, personal responsibilities, and intensifying our personal and global relationships.

As Above, So Below

We see ourselves in the behaviors of others. We’re trained to see and hear hopelessness, grief, and fighting. Some will argue that we feel the need to stay aware of dangerous conditions so that we can protect and defend ourselves when necessary. If you accept that line of reasoning, then the cycle is completed and repeated when you respond with feelings of fear, hopelessness, and despair. Or, you can choose what and who you pay attention to. You are 100 percent in charge of you, how you feel, and what you do.

Your emotions are your guide to well-being, and thoughts follow emotions. What do you feel excited about? What breakthroughs and new thoughts have you had recently? What do you see (reflections) that you no longer want or need in your life?

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. Both signs are associated with holding on fiercely to what seems important even as discontent builds: material things for security (Taurus) and emotions to maintain control (Scorpio). The disseminating Taurus Moon reminds us that everything is part of a cycle, and now is a good time to let go so room can be made for new thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Today’s Haiku

Excited mind seeks
freedom. Optimism reborn,
emotion magic.

Feeling Cornered? Find Your Opening

The Astrology

  • The Moon in Aries will be a Full Moon at 4:10 PM CDT today, when it is directly opposite the Sun in Libra.
  • The Full Moon in Aries trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius is beneficial today.
  • The Aries Full Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn throughout the day.


When I thought about how to describe the energies that will flow around and though us today, the game of rugby came to mind. Everything I know about rugby I learned watching the movie Invictus, which is about Nelson Mandela and the World Cup Rugby Games in South Africa in 1995. The players push against each other A LOT. It’s similar to football, but with fewer concussions. The danger for rugby players is spinal injuries. It’s likely that some people will feel that there is a lot opposition to their goals today. The conflict can be internal, as well.

Then I thought about how we might go about getting out of a corner if we’re in one, and I thought about boxing. I don’t know much about boxing either, but I do know boxers don’t want to get cornered. I asked Google what cornered boxers should do. The best advice is don’t lean back against the corner post and then, if the opponent is leading with the right foot forward, try to duck under the opponent’s left arm. That’s the weakest side, because that foot is already behind the opponent. So, lean in, duck, and evade until you find an opening, and then…

In both rugby and boxing, there’s a winner and a loser. That’s not a satisfying solution if you’re the loser, so I thought there must be better ways to get out of a corner. If physical pushing, shoving, and hitting are sub-optimal choices, what else is there?

I thought of story writers. Writers write themselves into corners all the time. This is the advice I found about how to write yourself out of a corner.

  1. Go back in the story and search for the last place you didn’t feel lost. This will help you find the “wrong turn” you took.
  2. Throw a weird twist in and see what happens. This means you must give up your point of control.
  3. Realize it’s okay to deviate from your planned action. Sometimes we get into a place with our own ideas, or adherence to what we think is best, and that can limit us.
  4. Sleep on it. You might just be frustrated and burned out. If you’re stuck, take a nap and let your mind heal itself.
  5. Meditate. Give yourself time and space to think about nothing. Or take a shower, doodle, watch clouds. Chill and let your mind clear.
  6. And then,…

That’s pretty good advice for anyone who’s feeling conflict, whether it’s internal or external in nature.

What I’ve described are different ways the energy of the Full Moon-Sun opposition and the Moon to Saturn square could play out. There is another type of energy available to all of us today, which is expressed by the Full Moon to Jupiter trine.

The Aries Full Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius meeting encourages feelings of happiness, well-being, and contentment, kindness, and generosity–life supporting activities. Feelings are our truth. I’ll digress for a moment and acknowledge that conflict, etc., are feelings so, of course, that also could be interpreted as “truth.” But the Universe is demonstrating that there is an alternate way through the day, and everyday. You get to pick.

Today’s Haiku

The great mother light
illuminates dark corners,
reflects your full cup.

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