Personal Quests

The Sun in Sagittarius has had no connections (aspects**) from other planets for most of the time its been in Sagittarius. Mars and Mercury are in Scorpio, Uranus is in Taurus, while Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are in Capricorn. Those planets make aspects to each other, but not to the Sun. Only our Moon has connected with the Sun as it orbits Earth. I’ve thought about this phenomenon for several days, because it’s a bit unusual. I’ve had so many thoughts about the Sun in Sagittarius that I could write a paper, and I have been writing. But you don’t want to read a paper.

So what follows are my constrained musings about what it may mean that the Sun in Sagittarius is surrounded by, but not engaged with, other planets. It’s only connection at this time being with the Moon as the Moon circles Earth.

The Sun is the heart of our universe. In astrology, it represents life and the creative force. When its in Sagittarius, it draws our attention to beliefs about ourselves in relationship to everything that surrounds us. You, me, everyone acquires beliefs via associations with different Sagittarian themes of culture (both foreign cultures and our own), religious training and experience, and higher education (including esoteric teachings). And we believe what we believe until some new experience causes us to question our beliefs, and then ask ourselves whether if what we believe is true, right, wrong, or just. These questions and experiences create feelings and emotions.

The Moon reflects the Sun’s light and its always changing. In astrology, the Moon is associated with our feelings and emotional responses. What you believe impacts how you feel, and how you feel impacts what you believe.

What you believe—your truth—changes as you expand your thinking through your associations with other people, cultures, belief systems, etc. You grow and change when you have new desires and new experiences. Proof that this is true is all around us in the form of progress, new inventions, new knowledge about health and healing, our changing relationships with other people, countries, etc.

The Sun’s present relationship with the Moon is energizing our personal quests to align our hearts with positive feeling emotions—happiness, optimism, good will, and joy (all Sagittarius themes). You may feel as though a major shift is taking place (or needs to), or you may have simply grown tired of the kind of books you read. If your heart and emotions are not aligned with what you believe, if you resist changing what you believe, then the gifts of Sagittarius—happiness, optimism, and joy—remain elusive.

What are you questing after? What personal beliefs are you confronting? You’ll know your truth when your heart and emotions are aligned with your beliefs. You know when you’re heart and emotions are aligned, because you feel happy and optimistic about life. The changes you make now are preparing you for the next phase. What to do next will be more apparent when the Sun is in Capricorn after the Winter Solstice.

**An aspect occurs when a planet is 60, 90, 120, or 180 degrees from the Sun as we see them from here on Earth.


Release the Past So the Future Can Shine

The Astrology

  • The 3rd Quarter Moon is in its own Cancer sign the first half of today and squaring the Sun in Libra as both the Moon and Sun move through the final degrees of their respective locals.
  • This waning Moon stays connected to Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, and retrograde Uranus in Taurus until it moves into Leo midday.


The Moon helped shape how we track and understand time; it affects the ocean tides; it connects us with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. It represents intuitive guidance. It’s the strong feminine energy that illuminates and rules throughout the night.

The Moon traveled through Cancer all weekend, drawing your attention to your emotional roots. You may have been able to reconnect with family and friends who feel like family on the weekend. Or perhaps memories that called forth strong emotions played a big role in your awake or nighttime hours. You might have felt strong emotions around what has changed about you and the life you’re living.

Memories of what was can have such a strong attraction that they hold you to a time, or place, or to people that can exist ONLY in memory.

The Moon in its disseminating phase releases its light. When the Moon squares the Sun, as it is today, there’s strong desire to let go, to relieve the tension that exists between what was and what is. The Moon in its powerful wisdom is demonstrating that only when the past is released can access be gained to peace of mind and to new joyful experiences.

When the Moon moves to Leo midday, its relationship with the Sun in Libra changes from stressful to helpful. There will be opportunities for you to show yourself and others who you are now.  Extract only the benefits from all that you’ve ever done or been in the past and let the rest go.

Today’s Haiku

It’s not mistakes but
Habits of mind that bind hearts
and tether spirits.