Happy Birthday Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Born February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Garth Brooks is celebrating his 57th birthday today. With six of seven traditional planets in Aquarius, Garth IS the Aquarius man! Guys like this are slightly wacky, often genius types, who seem to know and get along with almost everyone. Garth achieved the status of best paid and most loved musician in history. Those are some big achievements, and I’m curious about what his birth chart might indicate about his wealth and fame.

Garth Brooks

Fame and fortune are indicated by the 10th house in a chart and a Pisces Moon occupies the 10th in Garth’s chart. The Moon indicates your strongest emotional attachments, security needs, emotional expression, intuition, and how you want to be nurtured. The Moon in Pisces is sensitive, caring, and soulful.

Those who are born under a Pisces Moon are often highly creative and intuitive. Their sensitivity to others can be problematic if they are around negative people and don’t know how to protect themselves from the negativity. In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules Pisces and any planets in Jupiter’s house and under his rulership must perform according to Jupiter’s rules. It would be like you being a visitor in someone’s house. You’d still by you, but what you do and how you do things would be different than if you were staying in your own home. The Moon in this chart still indicates emotions, intuition, etc., and it performs those functions in a Jupiterian style: by being inclusive, tolerant, outgoing, and principled.

Jupiter is next door in the 9th Aquarius house. It’s a VERY BUSY house, too, because the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are also there. Jupiter in Aquarius is tolerant and values all people equally (he gets along with most people), is an independent thinker, believes in humanitarian causes, and is a good leader (many people benefit from Garth’s leadership). The 9th house is associated with the element of fire; the spirit of the law, morals, beliefs, religion, philosophy, and ethical behaviors. There can be little question that what drives Garth Brooks are his 9th house planets. Every action he takes, every thought he thinks emanates from what he believes is right and just.

Jupiter in the 9th indicates an appreciation for learning, adventure, and adventure. People with this placement always have a clearly defined code of ethics from which they don’t waver, and they have little tolerance for those who don’t. When America’s Got Talent star Michael Ketterer was arrested for domestic violence in 2018 and charged with a felony, Garth stopped sharing the stage with him.

The intuitive, creative Pisces Moon in the 10th must provide for Garth’s emotional expression and his emotional need to achieve fame and fortune via the 9th house Aquarian Jupiter. So, once again, everything Garth does points back to the core of who, what, and why he does what he does: his beliefs, philosophy, morals, and ethics. I’m not suggesting he IS always right and just, but I doubt that he ever strays from what he believes. Whether or not others agree with him is their problem, not his.

 Wealth and Fame Triad

When I want to understand what the chart can reveal about someone’s fame and fortune, I look at the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. These three houses are associated with the element of earth, which we associate with wealth and resources. Specifically:

  • 2nd House – reflects the attitude toward money, spending habits, income, and personal resources
  • 6th House – governs work habits, daily routines, service to others, and health
  • 10th House – represents achievement, recognition, status, and fame (or infamy)

Garth’s 2nd house is in the sign Cancer, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. When Cancer is in the 2nd, emotional security is directly linked to material resources—money, investments, home ownership, and possessions. He must acquire those things for himself and his family through the 10th house (where the Moon is located). Garth is well-known for his astute and focused business acumen. He’s INTUITIVELY smart, diligent, focused, and highly successful.

The 6th house in Garth’s chart is in Scorpio, which is traditionally ruled by Mars. Mars is this chart is located up in the 9th with five other planets. The sign Scorpio is associated with strong drives that can become obsessive and/or extreme, a take-charge attitude, and a preference for solo control.

In an interview with Rare Country, Garth shared some advice he got from his own parents: “Be yourself, dream big, work hard.” Based on what I see in his chart, Garth Brooks can be no one but himself: popular, successful, and driven to acquire emotional security through wealth that he created with his own hard work and high standards for living life.

Don’t Feel Guilty if You Didn’t Sign Up for a Reading Challenge

books for mercury rtx course

Reading challenges have been popping up on Facebook and other social media sites throughout January. Goodreads, owned by Amazon, is a “social cataloging” website that allows readers to search for books, read reviews by other readers, and create lists of books to read. It also sponsors an annual challenge to motivate people to read more. I’m a member, so I poked around a little and discovered that some people read a lot of books. One woman read over 400 books in 2018. All I can say to that is: Wow! But the average reader pledges to read around 50 books, and not everyone who pledges actually reads any books.

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I love a good mystery especially if it’s part of a series. I also enjoy books about gardening and decorating, and even some of the self-help books are good. Over the years I’ve read thousands of books and bought many of them, because I just enjoy looking at them on the bookshelf.

I know people who haven’t read a book cover to cover in decades. And despite what people say about people who don’t read, that’s really OK, because not everyone likes to read!

I thought about this today as I worked on the chart of a man who I know reads at least 100 books a year. It was easy to see in the chart why he enjoys reading. His chart has Mercury in Gemini conjunct Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Gemini increases emphasis on an already strong need to communicate, write, read, etc. He’s a professional journalist and earns his income from writing. Mercury also rules the 2nd house in his birth chart. The 2nd house is where we see information about earning potential as well as resources that have personal value. But not every chart has Mercury in Gemini conjunct Jupiter, the planet that expands everything it comes into contact with.

So, if you’re not a reader, or you are a reader but you think you should be reading more, don’t beat yourself up. The Mercury in your birth chart may not be not be in a position that encourages reading. And if you’re the parent of a child who doesn’t enjoy reading, it’s better to accept that than to scold your child because he or she doesn’t read more. We’re not created from the same mold. There are other ways to learn and be aware of what’s happening in our world.

If you’re curious about what the chart for your birth reveals about you, look at my Schedule a Reading page. Feel free to leave comments.


Summertime Joy


“Jupiter bestows his blessings wherever he travels…”
~Alan Oken, Rulers of the Horoscope

Imagine being on a beach or walking along a boardwalk in a coastal city or sipping tall, cool drinks in the shade of an umbrella under a summery blue sky.  Billowing, soft white clouds float overhead. Birds flit from tree to tree and occasionally drop to the ground by your feet in search of sweet crumbs that drop from your table. Imagine feeling a warm, soft breeze touching you. And the soft air carries from from somewhere nearby, the sound of your favorite music.

That is the constant energy joy, abundance, and inspiration that Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are flowing to us as they align in an easy trine in the water signs. Venus is visiting in Cancer, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Neptune is floating ever-so-slowly through Pisces.

We have freewill to use the energies available to us as the planets align with one another. They give. We receive. We, in turn, give to others. The flow of receiving and giving, and receiving and giving is constant. It’s possible to feel inspired and let your imagination soar, or to feel expansive and share your joy and goodwill with those you meet. You can feel connected to this creative universe and let your thoughts connect you with the things and the people you enjoy.

If habits of thought are causing you to feel something less than joy, appreciation, and abundance, know that those things are free to you as well. You may have to look in a different direction to gain a different perspective. Remember that you receive and perceive what you look for and look at. Reach for a better thought.