Release the Past So the Future Can Shine

The Astrology

  • The 3rd Quarter Moon is in its own Cancer sign the first half of today and squaring the Sun in Libra as both the Moon and Sun move through the final degrees of their respective locals.
  • This waning Moon stays connected to Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, and retrograde Uranus in Taurus until it moves into Leo midday.


The Moon helped shape how we track and understand time; it affects the ocean tides; it connects us with the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. It represents intuitive guidance. It’s the strong feminine energy that illuminates and rules throughout the night.

The Moon traveled through Cancer all weekend, drawing your attention to your emotional roots. You may have been able to reconnect with family and friends who feel like family on the weekend. Or perhaps memories that called forth strong emotions played a big role in your awake or nighttime hours. You might have felt strong emotions around what has changed about you and the life you’re living.

Memories of what was can have such a strong attraction that they hold you to a time, or place, or to people that can exist ONLY in memory.

The Moon in its disseminating phase releases its light. When the Moon squares the Sun, as it is today, there’s strong desire to let go, to relieve the tension that exists between what was and what is. The Moon in its powerful wisdom is demonstrating that only when the past is released can access be gained to peace of mind and to new joyful experiences.

When the Moon moves to Leo midday, its relationship with the Sun in Libra changes from stressful to helpful. There will be opportunities for you to show yourself and others who you are now.  Extract only the benefits from all that you’ve ever done or been in the past and let the rest go.

Today’s Haiku

It’s not mistakes but
Habits of mind that bind hearts
and tether spirits.

Connect and Have Fun – September 1-2

The Astrology

The Moon has left the company of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo and is now in Venus-ruled Libra. From Libra, the Moon is in an easy relationship with Jupiter in Sagittarius, but its challenged by Saturn in Capricorn


The Moon signifies nurturing and connectedness. In Libra, the Moon wants to nurture relationships and energize connections with others. That desire to connect is the underlying current that’s flowing throughout this extended holiday weekend.

Some turbulence (rocky areas) may need to be navigated, though, as people gather in backyards and public places and share their food and stories. Feelings of satisfaction, abundance, and well-being will mingle with feelings of austerity, perceived reality, and perpetual defensiveness. These feelings may be on display among people in groups you join, and they can also be experienced nearly simultaneously within you. If you’re in a group, you can choose which conversation you want to be part of. When the turbulence is within you and the desire to let go and have fun is challenged by a need to be practical, responsible, and stable, you may feel torn between letting go and using restraint.

It doesn’t need to be an either/or decision. There is a tendency now to weigh and measure every interaction for its value or worth, or to do too much and then do without. But if feeling good is the value received from a choice, it becomes easier to choose how you want to be and what you want to do.

Choose to feel good and you’ll know what to do next. You get to decide how to expand and find joy while also maintaining some structure.

Today’s Haiku

Tall structures soaring
Skyward are but steel grids in
glass and stone wrapped.