Happy Birthday Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Born February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Garth Brooks is celebrating his 57th birthday today. With six of seven traditional planets in Aquarius, Garth IS the Aquarius man! Guys like this are slightly wacky, often genius types, who seem to know and get along with almost everyone. Garth achieved the status of best paid and most loved musician in history. Those are some big achievements, and I’m curious about what his birth chart might indicate about his wealth and fame.

Garth Brooks

Fame and fortune are indicated by the 10th house in a chart and a Pisces Moon occupies the 10th in Garth’s chart. The Moon indicates your strongest emotional attachments, security needs, emotional expression, intuition, and how you want to be nurtured. The Moon in Pisces is sensitive, caring, and soulful.

Those who are born under a Pisces Moon are often highly creative and intuitive. Their sensitivity to others can be problematic if they are around negative people and don’t know how to protect themselves from the negativity. In traditional astrology, Jupiter rules Pisces and any planets in Jupiter’s house and under his rulership must perform according to Jupiter’s rules. It would be like you being a visitor in someone’s house. You’d still by you, but what you do and how you do things would be different than if you were staying in your own home. The Moon in this chart still indicates emotions, intuition, etc., and it performs those functions in a Jupiterian style: by being inclusive, tolerant, outgoing, and principled.

Jupiter is next door in the 9th Aquarius house. It’s a VERY BUSY house, too, because the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are also there. Jupiter in Aquarius is tolerant and values all people equally (he gets along with most people), is an independent thinker, believes in humanitarian causes, and is a good leader (many people benefit from Garth’s leadership). The 9th house is associated with the element of fire; the spirit of the law, morals, beliefs, religion, philosophy, and ethical behaviors. There can be little question that what drives Garth Brooks are his 9th house planets. Every action he takes, every thought he thinks emanates from what he believes is right and just.

Jupiter in the 9th indicates an appreciation for learning, adventure, and adventure. People with this placement always have a clearly defined code of ethics from which they don’t waver, and they have little tolerance for those who don’t. When America’s Got Talent star Michael Ketterer was arrested for domestic violence in 2018 and charged with a felony, Garth stopped sharing the stage with him.

The intuitive, creative Pisces Moon in the 10th must provide for Garth’s emotional expression and his emotional need to achieve fame and fortune via the 9th house Aquarian Jupiter. So, once again, everything Garth does points back to the core of who, what, and why he does what he does: his beliefs, philosophy, morals, and ethics. I’m not suggesting he IS always right and just, but I doubt that he ever strays from what he believes. Whether or not others agree with him is their problem, not his.

 Wealth and Fame Triad

When I want to understand what the chart can reveal about someone’s fame and fortune, I look at the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. These three houses are associated with the element of earth, which we associate with wealth and resources. Specifically:

  • 2nd House – reflects the attitude toward money, spending habits, income, and personal resources
  • 6th House – governs work habits, daily routines, service to others, and health
  • 10th House – represents achievement, recognition, status, and fame (or infamy)

Garth’s 2nd house is in the sign Cancer, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. When Cancer is in the 2nd, emotional security is directly linked to material resources—money, investments, home ownership, and possessions. He must acquire those things for himself and his family through the 10th house (where the Moon is located). Garth is well-known for his astute and focused business acumen. He’s INTUITIVELY smart, diligent, focused, and highly successful.

The 6th house in Garth’s chart is in Scorpio, which is traditionally ruled by Mars. Mars is this chart is located up in the 9th with five other planets. The sign Scorpio is associated with strong drives that can become obsessive and/or extreme, a take-charge attitude, and a preference for solo control.

In an interview with Rare Country, Garth shared some advice he got from his own parents: “Be yourself, dream big, work hard.” Based on what I see in his chart, Garth Brooks can be no one but himself: popular, successful, and driven to acquire emotional security through wealth that he created with his own hard work and high standards for living life.

In-the-Gap New Moon Eclipse January 6

In the hours before the Balsamic Moon in Capricorn aligns with the Sun in Capricorn on January 6, the Moon will be enclosed between Saturn, also in Capricorn, and the Sun. In other words, the Moon will be in the tiny space between the Sun and Saturn. While these heavenly spheres are conjoined by degree (proximity to each other in the sky) two notable things are taking place.

  • The Sun, Moon, and Saturn are free from contact with other planets. In other words, they’re having a private conversation; and
  • When the Moon aligns with the Sun  at 15 degrees Capricorn at about 1:30 am GMT, a partial-solar eclipse occurs and the New Moon phase begins

I’ll deconstruct the above, starting with:

The Balsamic Moon

The Moon entered the Balsamic phase January 2, when it was in the late degrees of Scorpio and in an easy trine to Mars. The Moon to Mars connection may have rekindled  something within you or reconnected you to something or someone you feel deeply passionate about. This flow of emotional energy may have created in your new determination to follow through on whatever you had going on. This energy could also have manifested as an outburst or anger or conflict with someone. I draw your attention back to this date, because those emotions and events are part of a cycle. Seeds of something new were planted near January 2 and in the days that have followed, those seeds have grown roots.

The upcoming New Moon phase, from January 6–13, is when the seeds that were planted weeks (or even months ago) and have germinated will sprout and begin to grow in the world as the Moon grows again toward fullness. What happens to those newly sprouted seeds of hope and passion and desire depends on you.

Capricorn Conjunction

Capricorn has its own set of rules that planets passing through Capricorn adhere to. There are times when a planet’s condition can interrupt the normal flow of energy, but those conditions aren’t present at the moment. So, a strong Saturn that rules and is “at home” in Capricorn is “in charge” of things at this time. In Capricorn, Saturn is ambitious, disciplined, and conservative. Planets that pass through Saturn’s domain take on some of those attributes—his rules of the house.

The Sun LOVES Leo, where it’s at home. It naturally loves fun, leisure, and romance. In Capricorn, however, the Sun takes a more responsible, practical, and action-oriented approach to all things in life. The Sun loses some of its warmth and joy. It becomes focused on “the next step” and likes to create goals, because the Sun is doing what it does when it’s visiting Capricorn.

The Moon LOVES Cancer, where it’s at home. When the Moon is in its comfort zone, it’s content to follow its instincts, respond to emotional needs, and create a safe and secure space for family and friends. When it’s in Capricorn, however, the Moon is required to invest emotional energy in getting ahead, advancing on goals, and following through on strategies. It’s not free to express emotions with the ease it feels in Cancer.

This conjunction of planets in Capricorn signifies a time when the Sun’s preference for fun and leisure and the Moon’s preference for cozy comfort are put on the back burner, while they tend to Saturn’s priorities—responsibility, ambition, hard work, business, achievement, sincerity, austerity—that are now front and center. These things are important in all our lives and life is generally easier if everything gets its due time. So, many of us get reorganized and reprioritize our goals in January, during the Capricorn season that extends from December 21 to January 21. This is the time when Saturn’s priorities have priority.

The Sun and Moon pass through Capricorn every year. What’s different about this year (as well as 2018 and 2020) is that Saturn is also in Capricorn. His presence there creates a much stronger emphasis on Capricorn themes.

Sun Eclipses the Moon on January 6

Eclipses can occur only at a New or Full Moon. At the New Moon, the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth thereby blocking the Sun from our sight. When the life-giving rays of the Sun are temporarily blocked by the Moon, the Moon itself appears black. The emphasis then is on the Moon, which is associated with the emotional content of our lives. From a psychological perspective, this cover of darkness can allow access to what has been hidden or repressed. The potential contained in this encounter is significant. An eclipse can bring up what needs to be reintegrated within ourselves and society.

Not everyone will feel the impact of this New Moon solar eclipse in the same way or to the same extent. Those who have their Ascendant or planets in Capricorn or Cancer are likely to feel this eclipse more than most. If those planets or the Ascendant is within 13 and 17 degrees of either Capricorn or Cancer, the impact will be felt more strongly.

Generally, a solar eclipse is useful for starting new ventures and leaving the old, outworn, and outdated behind. The effects of an eclipse can begin to manifest a few months before the eclipse occurs and may continue to be felt for several months afterwards. The effect of a solar eclipse tends to extend about one year. Where the eclipse has the most impact on your life will depend on the location of the Capricorn house in your natal chart.  If for example, Capricorn is in the 2nd house, you might make changes regarding your income, or you could lose or gain possessions or personal resources. If Capricorn is in the 6th house in your birth chart, the time is right to fine-tune your routines or get serious about a diet, health, and fitness. If you’re curious and want to know more, schedule a natal chart reading with me.

What’s pretty awesome about astrology is that whether or not you know anything about it, or even believe it, it works. Most of the time, we just don’t notice the correlation between planetary movements and personal circumstances. Adding astrological considerations to normal planning and preparation is helpful, though.


About the Gap and What Happens in the Gap

When the Moon passed by Saturn on January 5, it was if the happy-go-lucky traveler (the Moon/You prior to January 5) had signed a contract and agreed to stop telling everyone “I’m an adult, treat me like one,” and instead you become an adult who accepts responsibility and applies self-control, because there is a lot of hard work ahead to do. Not everyone who feels this energy will respond to it in a positive way. There are always polarities—right/wrong, good/bad, light/dark, etc.—and the opposite of being responsible and mature is to complain, harbor hard feelings, act cranky, and over-do everything to everyone’s displeasure. Those behaviors will undermine any attempt you make to move forward at this time. But don’t worry. There will be opportunities in the future to strike out in a new direction and feel successful.

Now that the contract with Saturn has been signed, the Moon enters the space between Saturn and the Sun, who is already under contract with Saturn to behave in Saturnian ways. The Sun has agreed to shelf (at least for awhile) its “let’s chill on the beach” attitude in exchange for “let’s get to work and get things done!” The Sun has agreed to be more self-disciplined and modest and to focus on work and duty. “Give me virtue, humility, austerity,” it said.

Saturn likes authority and is happy taking the lead. And like any good trail guide, it will tell those who are in his charge to get rid of anything and everything that isn’t necessary or the strenuous climb ahead. Downsize. Eliminate. Restrict. Those are Saturn’s keywords. Are you feeling these influences in your life? Where?

When the Sun and Saturn are combined with the Moon, as they are before and during the eclipse, the need for self-control and emotional grounding through hard work is the energy that surrounds us. There may be an emotional tug-of-war going on within you. But the door to the past is closing. If you’re feeling unhappy or depressed, it’s a signal that you need to let go of what is holding you to the past. The only way out now, or ever,  is forward.

When the Moon emerges from the eclipse, its next interactions are with Venus and Uranus. Venus is a reminder of what you value and how you draw what you need to you. Uranus is the rebel that want’s to be free and be different. It’s good to consider both as you move forward in the days and weeks ahead. Being free, if you’ve held yourself back, will feel uncomfortable. At least, for a while. Pay attention to the glimmers of hope and look forward, not back. It’s all ahead of you now.




Mercury Retrograde in Leo July 26


Like the Hanged Man who is suspended between twin trees and seemingly within the grasp of Fate, Mercury is retrograde now in Leo, where he has a flair for the dramatic. Mercury is also the agent of transformation. Over the next three weeks, you may need to ask yourself: What needs to be transformed?

I believe in the perfect timing is demonstrated day in and day out, century after century. There is none of the chaos we see here on our planet Earth. The planets move with a precision that neither we nor any of the technology we have available can understand. Yet, in every moment there is change that is distinct from what was or ever will be again.

What do these planetary relationships show us?

Many who have studied the movements of Earth and the planets believe what was written by Hermes Trismegitus in The Emerald Tablet:

“That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below to accomplish the miracle of the one thing.”

If you look carefully at this ages-old quote, you’ll see that it implies we are co-creators in our lives, and by extension, we are co-creators of the world we live in. I believe what this means is that while our lives are fated—we’re born into a family and community, with a body that is predisposed to a spectrum of health or illness, intelligence, and talents. And within the set of circumstances we’re born with and into, we have free will to make choices that will move us forward or hinder our growth. I also believe things happen at the right time and if we’re not ready (or willing) to respond to the urge or opportunity, there will be other opportunities. These things happen so we can grow into our own unique potential.

I suggest that a good way to use Mercury retrograde periods is to pay attention to what you’re thinking, feeling, seeing within yourself and in your environment— with emphasis on “reflective thinking.” If you’re being whacked along side the head by some awareness or memory or opportunity, trust that the universe is trying to get your attention.To Do: Find an image that reflects something about you at this time. What are you thinking about? Feeling? Missing? Wanting?

Reflection: How are you feeling suspended?

Sun in Leo Horoscopes: Bask in the Rays


We’re at the midpoint of summer in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun shifts into Leo on July 22. Many of you will use this time of abundant sunlight to enjoy reunions, festivals, and celebrations; and road trips, and vacations at lakes and beaches. Others will feel drawn to slow down and relax poolside or in the shade with with a good book to read. Mercury’s message to everyone about it’s retrograde period (July 27 – August 18) is: spend time now renewing your energy, live joyfully, and revel in the generous nature of all that surrounds you. The Full Moon lunar eclipse that occurs just after midnight CDT is a metaphorical “last curtain call,” and in the months that follow, there will be a final ending to many things. The eclipse won’t impact everyone to the same degree or in the same areas of life. Those of you with birthdays near July 27 or January 27, will feel this eclipse more. Others may feel it on a more subtle level.

Summer is a promissory note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January.”  ~ Hal Borland

Look at the horoscopes below to see what area of life the Leo Sun is lighting up in your life and what the potential is for your month ahead.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19) The Leo Sun energizes the place in your horoscope associated with fun, romance, and creativity through August 22. That’s also the area of life where Mercury will turn retrograde for about three weeks, beginning July 27. This creates opportunities for you to review roles you play and ways in which you express yourself and take risks. You may decide to make changes in social groups you’ve been active in. The Leo Sun’s relationships with Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius delivers a big dose of yang energy all month long, which tends to ramp up your enthusiasm, passion, and energy. Positive expressions of this, sometimes, irrepressible energy are: self-confidence, adventure-seeking, directness, courage, vitality, and good old-fashioned fun. The flip side, or negative expressions are: arrogance, taking excessive risks, or aggression, loud and obnoxious behavior. Be a student of your own life and let past lessons be your teacher/guide in the present.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) The Leo Sun moves into the place in your horoscope home and the very foundations of your life through August 22. Mercury’s retrograde (Jul 27 – Aug 18) in that place could make previously planned class and family reunions, and vacations at your favorite places, memorable and fun-filled times. A stay-cation is a good option, too. Your sign’s ruler, Venus, is poised to bring you a new love interest, if you are open to that possibility. You may also be inspired to use your creativity now to freshen up your home with either your own or purchased art and decorations. The Sun in Leo is opposing retrograde Mars in Aquarius now—a strong signal that a confrontation with someone is likely, but if you stay mellow, the situation can be resolved easily and peacefully the week of August 5. There’s an abundance of yang energy in the environment all month long, which can feel like too much contrast for an earthy Taurus. Stay on the path of least resistance as much as you can; it’ll help you feel more stable and less resistant to what feels to you like too much of a lot of things.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) The Leo Sun is in harmony with your Gemini Sun and focusing attention on your community and connections with others through August 22. The Leo Sun inspires gratitude for all that is and generosity to share with those you come in contact with. If you’re planning to travel, plan well ahead and then double check your reservations and traffic conditions if you’re taking a road trip. With Mercury retrograde between July 27 and August 18, there are likely to be some miscommunications or some things that are lost or misplaced—both personal and travel related. While your sign’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in Leo, it’s squaring off with Jupiter (in your sixth house of daily habits that affect your well being) and opposing retrograde Mars in your tenth house of advancement and change. You may experience this energy as a push to do more, more, and more, but don’t just agree to something because someone is urging you to, and try not to take on too much for the time being. You won’t notice, until it’s too late, how exhausted you really are. Time will be well spent when you rest and renew yourself.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Resources, assets, and earnings are the focus now as the Leo Sun casts its rays in the place of resources and earnings through August 22. Mercury is right there with the Leo Sun, and it will be in retrograde motion July 22 – August 18. They’re nudging you to take notice and perhaps do some review of your resources. Notice, too, any random thoughts that feel like reminders of the resources—people and things, small and large—that are available to help you reach a goal or fill a desire. Optimism comes easy now due to retrograde Mercury’s beneficial connections to both Venus and Jupiter in mid-August. If you’ve created big plans and long-range goals, but the time never seemed right to follow through, the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter alignment could trigger an urge to splurge on a lavish home remodel or new decor. Your abilgity to see the big picture serves you well, but be sure your bank account and resources are a match to your creative enthusiasm before signing your name on a contract or overspending on a credit card. Better yet, refine you plan now and delay finalizing agreements and payments until later in August or even early September after Mercury is direct again. You may not have all the answers you need before then. In the meantime, nurture yourself. Seemingly trivial pursuits such as reading for amusement or visiting museums can be beneficial for your relationship with your inner you. Relax and enjoy these mid-summer days.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 22) Happy birthday to all of you Leos! The cosmos is lining up to help you in any way you desire during your birthday month BUT, and this is a big BUT, you need to pace yourself. There will be a lot going on in both in your relationships and at work. The Leo Sun is opposing retrograde Mars now, and it’s likely that sparks will fly in your close relationships or business-related partnerships. You get to choose your reactions, but “chilling” rather than overreacting to circumstances will give you the best protection from this fiery duo’s confrontation. The July 27 lunar eclipse will initiate a natural release and redistribution of tensions. In the meantime, dealing with the unexpected in the place career and achievements will keep you guessing as the Leo Sun squares Uranus August 4. When the Sun and Uranus are tuned in with an easy trine August 17 – 31, life takes on an exciting new quality. You may receive new insights that help you make changes based on new understanding. On the other hand, if restlessness has you pacing, free yourself from your routine for a few days. Let the restless spirit within express itself playfully and creatively, but be mindful of taking unnecessary risks as this Sun-Uranus energy is accident prone. And while Mercury is retrograde between July 27 and August 18 in your Sun sign, distract yourself from anything that involves permanent changes. You could decide that you want to modify, or even leave behind, a role you’ve been playing. Or you might feel inspired to revamp your personal appearance, get a tattoo or piercing, but wait. You’ll avoid regrets if you postpone major decisions until early September after Mercury is moving direct again. The Full Moon eclipse on July 27 in the place of relationships will challenge you to act with heart-felt courage. Let the Universe know what’s in your heart and then be ready to receive what’s coming to you. This eclipse could bring about endings which will make way for new beginnings. In fact, when retrograde Mercury and the Leo Sun meet up on August 7 – 9, expect ideas and plans for future growth to fill your conversations. Jupiter is involved through a square to the Sun-Mercury combo during the first week of August. This energy can help you succeed if you remember to pace yourself and to say yes only when the commitment feels REALLY right.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) A retreat of some kind may become your highest priority as Mercury and the Sun move through Leo, the place of “what is hidden” in your horoscope. The Leo Sun opposes retrograde Mars in Aquarius, the place associated with health and injuries, until August 2. While it’s in Aquarius, Mars retrograde is the guest of Uranus, the planet that symbolizes social change (and upheaval). This combination may amp up any agitating elements present in your life. It also increases potential for personal injury. If the open road calls you in your near future, wear a helmet (always a good option) if you answer the call on a bicycle or motorcycle. In fact, this is a good time to avoid risks altogether that can lead to injury. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde July 27 – August 18, and squaring Jupiter in the place of communication and short-distance travel during the next several weeks. While Mercury applies the brakes, suggesting that you take your time getting involved with new people or things, Jupiter is ready to take a deep dive. You can overdo now and develop an attachment that limits your perspective. Patience is both a virtue and an asset when used to protect your interests. If it’s possible to wait until early September when Mercury is moving direct again to make important decisions, you’re more apt to feel satisfied in the long term. Mercury backs up enough to help you gain new perspective and optimism by August 20. You may find it’s easier then to entertain easy thoughts and enjoy the lighter side of life.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) Reunions of any kind, especially with old friends, school pals and alumni are highlighted with the Leo Sun and Mercury retrograde in the place of friends, associates, and groups. Double check your plans, reservations, tickets — in fact, anything and everything related to travel. Yes, even the batteries in your devices. Your ruling planet, Venus, is in the place of “what is hidden,” increasing the likelihood that someone or something will show up and mess with your equilibrium. You can’t plan ahead for such events, but you can decide to be intentional in your life. Manage your money wisely to avoid overspending. At the same time, pay attention to “not so subtle” vibes that draw your attention to things you desire to have. The desire for things, people, or dreams that you thought were in the past could become active again. Resist the impulse to be impulsive, though. Good investments require research. Bad investments lead to regret. Retrograde Mercury stalls between August 14 – 20 and allows time for you to reflect and make a new plan, which you can put into effect in early September after Mercury is moving full-speed ahead again. Stay tuned in to your refined intuition and let your creative inspirations lead the way.  Fill up the rest of summer with love and fun in the Sun.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Your home and family are competing for attention even as things heat up in the area of your horoscope associated with achievement and what you’re publicly recognized for. There’s an abundance of positive energy flowing to support actions both at work and at home. There will also be challenges during the Sun in Leo month. Recognition at work may come with a financial reward that you can, in turn, direct toward your home to make improvements or relieve some pressure there if that’s what you want to do. Any increase in activity or responsibility that accompanies recognition for work well done is likely to bring challenges, though, as August gets underway. Some relief comes around August 8, but it’s not over. The good news is that things appear to work out well if you just keep your cool and do your job while not over-extending yourself or your personal resources. Someone who’s older (a male friend or family member) could become your mentor if you recognize the opportunity and then ask. Say yes to offers of help from someone in a group you associate with, as well as to new friendships. Be patient with yourself and others. Things on the home front improve and then become less of an issue by mid August. If you’re thinking about a vacation, try to arrange it for the week of August 19. Check and recheck reservations, tickets, road conditions, flights, etc. Even though Mercury is traveling direct again on the 18th, things could have gotten snarled up during your preparation for the time away.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) The kind of adventures that make dreams come true are on deck for you as the Leo Sun moves through the area in your horoscope that’s associated with travel to distant places, as well as advanced degrees. Mercury will be retrograde in this same area July 27 – August 18, which could cause delays, jumbled or missed communications, lost items, or theft. If you do have travel plans, build some slack time into your schedule so you won’t feel rushed and have time to secure your belongings and important information. In fact, you can apply that advice to big plans of any kind. You won’t be sorry you did. You have an opportunity now to learn a lot about yourself and what’s really important to you. Don’t be surprised if you change you mind about some long-held beliefs. Watch for opportunities that can help your financial bottom line, or add to your resources, IF you are willing to accept a change in your status. You’ll need to ask, or get people to notice you (which won’t be hard to do) in order to receive the rewards, though. There is a solid feeling about changes you make now, because you’ve been preparing for the changes for a while. Your innovative plans are also logical, so keep moving ahead as you’ve planned. You may experience some tension in a valued relationship that will come to some beneficial resolution after August 14. What you value will be in focus when an event or message near August 21 brings up something from the past. It’ll work out fine if you go with the flow.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) The Leo Sun and soon-to-be retrograde Mercury are occupying the area of your horoscope that’s associated with other people’s resources. At the same time, Saturn, the ruler of your Sun sign, is retrograde in the area associated with your personal identity. It’s common to identify with what you own, your possessions. But you may need to remind yourself again that you are not your car, or your furniture, or the balance in your bank account if you find yourself on the other side of an argument about who owns what. On the other hand, you may experience very positive movement now if you’ve been working hard to manage someone else’s resources. You’re not home free, though, and Mercury is retrograde and plowing back through what was recently done or decided upon. Time is on your side at the moment, so be thorough about what you do. This is a good time for travel. Any new experiences now will broaden your thinking. What you thought was one way may actually be quite different and you’re likely to change some of your beliefs because of your new viewpoint. You can also enjoy concerts and trips to an art museum at this time, but use caution if a beautiful artifact or a beautiful person stimulates your imagination to soar to new heights. You could feel strong desires that have a powerful effect on you. Indulge in the fantasy if you must, but resist the urge to commit now.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Mars retrograde in the area of your horoscope that represents you, your identity, and your perspective on the World beyond your front door signifies a time to focus on YOU. However, your attention may actually be on a relationship or partnership (including a business relationship) as the Leo Sun and Mercury travel through that area of your horoscope. It’s likely that you’re noticing someone who is also noticing you now. This is a good time to examine and reevaluate your role in your important relationships. Are your needs being met? Are you doing all that you need to do to ensure those relationships continue on a good trajectory? Mercury will retrograde in Leo between July 27 and August 18, giving you ample time to realign, reinvest, rethink, readjust, reorganize, and so on. Uranus along with Saturn set the tone for the place you call home. With both of these planets retrograde in the weeks ahead, you may experience tension there, especially if something previously unknown comes to light. There’s always a range of possible issues and be anything from powerful encounters with people to something that creates unfavorable living conditions. This influence will be around for awhile so do your best to adjust. You’ll feel freer in the end when you allow the changes to occur. You can experience too much of a good thing and begin to feel stressed throughout the month of August. Be sure you’ve set reasonable expectations for yourself and for others.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) With the entrance of the Leo Sun joining soon-to-be retrograde Mercury in the area of your horoscope that represents work and routines, some of your attention moves to managing those things. But not all of your attention, because there’s also something happening in the area of your one-on-one relationships and partnerships. Check your attitude. Are you seeing things clearly or is there some confusion or feelings of disillusionment or disappointment? It can be difficult to see personal responsibility when things are going other than the way you planned, but are you really being too idealistic or expecting the other person to fulfill some dream or fantasy? It may also be difficult to communicate with that person. Perhaps the best thing to do now is shift your focus back to your work and routines. The Full Moon lunar eclipse will illuminate things that need your attention and bring closure to things that need to be released. You probably won’t have a choice about some things that go away at this time, buy you always have choices about how you feel. Reach for the best feeling as often as possible and then keep moving in that direction. Don’t rule out travel, which could be overseas, and either work-related or for pleasure.

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