How I Practice Astrology


There are many ways to approach and practice astrology. Sun-sign horoscopes come to many people’s minds when they think about astrology. In fact, sun-sign astrology is a fairly recent phenomenon, having been practiced as we know it only since the 1930s. The history of astrology is much more ancient. The oldest divinatory observations date back to the 2nd millennium BCE. I’ve studied the modern approach that has coincided with the emergence of psychology and the personal growth industry, but my personal practice has a more classical and traditional orientation. In other words, I’m a student of the methods and perspectives developed prior to the strong anti-astrology, anti-pagan view adopted according to the dominate Christian, Western worldview.

I believe in Fate and Freewill. You were born at a specific time and place. You were raised in a family group with its own resources and culture within the context of a larger society. That was your fate. You have freewill in every moment to choose for yourself how you will advance through life. And the most important things today are not found in the past; what matters most is still ahead of you. How will you choose? What will you create?

My readings emphasize the positive, because I believe you’d rather feel happy than overwhelmed, depressed, jobless, lonely, or …

I don’t avoid things that make life less enjoyable for you if that’s where you’re at now. But you don’t need me to spend time focused on what went off the rails. You already know that. Instead, we can talk about what’s working well, and I’ll help you identify how you can create more of THAT.

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