Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born in Jamaica Hospital in New York City on June 14, 1946, at 10:54 AM. The sign in the 1st House is determined by time of birth and Trump was born just as the last degree of the constellation Leo was rising on the horizon. (Each sign equals 30 degrees.) In this reading, I’ll interpret only the 1st House and Mars, the planet in the 1st.

Leo First House and Ascendant

The 1st House signifies personal ambition, drive, personality, general temperament, mannerisms, likes and dislikes that serve the needs and desires of the person (Trump).  These are the qualities and traits people tend to recognize about an individual and they would be different if a different sign was in the 1st. People who have Leo in the 1st are often “the life of the party.” They’re the one’s who organize the weekend parties and love to be center stage. If their ego is bruised, they can resist advice, overreact to small slights. and become overly dramatic.

The ruler of the sign in this house is the designated chart ruler. The chart ruler is like the Captain and it’s the Captain job to steer the life of the person represented by the chart. The Sun rules Leo and, therefore, the Sun in Gemini is steering Trump’s life from the 11th House. What this means is that Trump’s Gemini Sun will provide for Trump’s needs through things represented by the 11th House: friends, associates, and groups. These are people who like to play with him, who enjoy weekend getaways, and who will complement him. The 11th House also represents the assets of one’s employer. Trump is employed by the government, and Trump will get his needs met by making use of the government’s (assets) money and people. When he needs something to happen or wants to take action, he will turn to friends and associates who are able to help him “make it happen.”

In a birth chart reading, I’d look at Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, to gain fuller understanding about how the Gemini Sun is able to meet Trump’s needs. I’d also look at how the Moon modifies and influences the Gemini Sun.

Generosity is the quality embodied by Leos who have learned to balance their own need for praise and recognition with compassion and concern for others. The nature of Leo, a fire sign, is to “take action and then follow through.” People who have Sun-ruled Leo in the 1st like to be in charge, and some take charge even when it would be better to be a team player.

Mars in Leo 1st House

In all charts, Mars signifies physical strength, energy and stamina, and the head. It’s location in a chart shows where a person is most likely to take risks, show their competitive side, get into conflicts. It’s location and sign reflect varying levels of aggression, risk-taking, confidence, temper, and sex drive.

With Mars in the 1st, all of the above are traits and characteristics generally associated with one’s personality and temperament. For decades, the news has been full of demonstrations and anecdotal evidence of Trump’s energy, stamina, risk-taking, competitiveness, anger, conflicts, sex drive, and other Mars-related behaviors.

When Mars is in Leo, the individual has the drive to meet personal goals, especially as they relate to career and ambitions. This signifies a natural leader, who can give generously of their time and energy to ensure the success of the kingdom and its subjects, when their ego is in check. However, when Mars in the 1st and in Leo is behaving badly, this leader’s tendency is to push others hard in order to meet their own needs and goals.

Mars is the natural ruler of Scorpio, the sign in the 4th House. The 4th signifies home and family life. The 4th can indicate what is inherited from the the parents (Trump’s parents), including money. When Scorpio is in the 4th, the individual tends to be highly protective of family members. Trump certainly exhibits this behavior.

And, finally, gold is the metal associated with Leo. Trump’s preference for surrounding himself with gold fixtures, furnishings, walls, and ceilings is a grand manifestation and demonstration of what can happen when the ruler of the 4th, Mars, is in the 1st Leo House.

What’s Ahead?

As this forecast is being written, Jupiter is transiting through Sagittarius, which happens to be in Trump’s 5th House. The 5th is associated with pleasurable pursuits, children (especially the first child), and the creative arts, including theater and drama; risk-taking, gambling, and games. Sagittarius in the 5th creates a strong urge to be free to expand beyond established limits, often, by taking risks. Luck and wealth tend to follow these people, which can induce them to feel more optimistic than is warranted. Still, they often walk away from troubles with a smile on their face, and we’ve seen this happen with Trump time after time.

Jupiter is the planet associated with Sagittarius, and when Jupiter is in its own sign as it is now, it’s more free to carry out its agenda without filters or interference. Given his track record, we should expect to see more ego inflation and excess, more pride and arrogance. He believes he’s entitled and will reach out to claim what he believes he deserves.

When transiting Jupiter contacts Mars in Trump’s 1st House between October and December 2019, watch for an increase in self-glorification, a heightened need to be honored, and over-the-top theatrics. He may offer an even more extreme and controversial philosophy than we’ve already heard from him. His ideal of nationalism and a might-makes-right attitude that focuses his patriots on war and violence has a higher than average probability of occurring.

This transit can work in positive ways as well. Mars-Jupiter alignments can stir up feelings of courage to do the morally and ethically right thing even when doing the right thing is hard. Only time will tell what influence Trump is under in the months ahead.