Sun in Virgo Horoscope Overview

MN state fair slide

The Sun moved from Leo into earthy Virgo just before midnight on August 22. The energy that sustained summer gives way to the energy that changes summer into autumn. This is the season of harvesting and fairs; it’s the time when farmers and artists and craftspeople display their fruits and produce and creativity; it’s when people get together to celebrate and enjoy the waning days of summer.

When the Sun enters Virgo, it’s in an easy trine relationship that extends through September 1 with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Trines hold comfortable stability and offer a break from the stress and confrontations that are typical of the tension we feel when squares and oppositions connect the planets. The Virgo Sun is signaling to Saturn that the harvest is coming. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, where he has the authority to manage things efficiently, but his reverse motion is slowing things down and he’s saying back to the Sun in Virgo, “Let’s take some time to review what we have and what you’re sorting out  before we move forward. We might be able to reduce or eliminate some things that make life on the Earth more difficult than it needs to be.” At the same time, Saturn is engaged in a conversation with retrograde Uranus in earthy Taurus. Saturn has a strong preference for limiting innovations and the blindsides that Uranus is famous for. Saturn’s saying, “Let’s take it slow and steady and then you can introduce some responsible, balanced change. People feel that responsible changes are easier to accept.”

You may be having similar conversations in your own mind, or with others, about “harvesting what was sown” and managing transformations that are occurring in your life and environment. The planetary show in which we see them recognizing each other’s strengths, working together while communicating about what is important so tasks can be accomplished more easily and to the benefit of all is a powerful way to start off the season. Change doesn’t need to be chaotic. Careful, incremental change combined with creative originality and effort can help you manifest and harvest what has been sown. Uranus may agree with the plan in principle, but his infamous rebellious attitude is activated around August 25th when he squares off with retrograde Mars.

You have free will to make many decisions in life, but there are times during which the hands of Fate take over. From August 25th into early 2019, while Uranus is square the North and South Nodes as well as Mars and then Pluto is one of those times. Whenever Fate is involved, you can resist, but you can’t stop it. Second century astrologer Vittius Valens offered advice on dealing with Fate that I think it’s timely to repeat here.

“A suddenly appearing good often grieves men as if it were an evil; a suddenly appearing evil causes the greatest misery to those who have not trained their minds in advance…Those who do not desire the impossible are capable of bearing that which is preordained through their own self-mastery…”

In short: The Sun in Virgo and its complement of planetary energies offer their wisdom and encouragement from above all month long, and self-mastery is what will give you leverage in your life.



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