Aries Horoscope

The Virgo Sun is lighting up the sixth place that’s commonly associated with occupation, health (including injuries), and service in Aries and Aries Rising charts August 22 – September 22. This Sun is in contact with planets in the place associated with rank and public reputation through September 11 and upping the likelihood you’ll receive some recognition in that time frame. This planetary energy can support anything from a slam dunk on the basketball court to dunking your ball in the creek on the golf course to a sure hit in the boardroom. In other words, outcomes can be positive or not so great, depending on your attitude and willingness to accept and manage change and interruptions.

Your sign’s ruler, Mars, has been retrograde and feeling restrained since late June, but on August 28, Mars is traveling direct again and that’s not too soon for those of you who are more comfortable pursuing goals and adventures.

If you applied for a grant or entered some of your creative work in a competition (perhaps a fair in your community or state), you may receive news about that near August 30. Make the most of the freedom to “do” on the 29th and 30th, because a series of squares between Mars and Venus, Mars and the Moon, Mars and Uranus, and Mars and the North and South Nodes of the Moon will coincide with you feeling cosmic nudges that manifest as pushing and shoving, gaining and/or losing, and unpredictable behaviors by people and circumstances. Any or all of these may prove challenging throughout September.