anonymous mercury-jupiter with notes

This is the chart of a trained journalist, I’ll call him J, who is self-employed. He wanted to know what the chart of his birth can reveal about his potential as a self-employed writer. To understand that potential, I’ll look specifically at Mercury’s condition in the chart and at the 2nd House. Mercury because it’s the planet associated with all forms of communication as well as connections of all kinds, including roads, flights, transportation, and travelers. It rules books, writing, contracts, mail, telephones, and speech. It also represents the thinking process, communication style, and how one directs their thoughts, learns, and makes decisions. The 2nd House because it’s associated with income, money, spending habits, and overall financial attitudes. In addition to Gemini, Mercury also rules Virgo. This strengthens the tie between Mercury and J’s income and personal resources.

Note: In a Basic Chart Reading, the dynamics discussed here would be evaluated with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Saturn also taken into consideration.

Mercury’s Condition

Mercury rules Gemini, and when a planet is in its own sign, as it is in this chart, it has the capacity to carry out its mission with little interference. This has positive implications for J.

When Mercury is in Gemini in someone’s chart, it’s a good indication that the person has a curious mind and is logical, adaptable and versatile. They tend to make quick decisions and like to know a little about a lot of things. They’re often voracious readers (J reads an average of 100 books a year) and when other factors don’t interfere, these folks are good communicators. The charts of actors Meryl Streep, Isadora Duncan, and Errol Flynn have Mercury in Gemini.

When a planet is in a sign other than the one it rules, the planet’s behavior and strength are modified, because it must function according to the rules of that sign’s host. For example, the Sun rules Leo. So when Mercury (or any planet) is in Leo, the Sun is its host and it must perform its functions according to the Sun’s rules. Leo’s influence on Mercury is associated with more dramatic behavior and a preference for maintaining the status quo rather than the changeable/Mercurial behavior associated with Mercury in Gemini.  Mercury in Leo is also associated with painstaking decision making. On the other hand, if Mercury is in Libra, where its ruled by Venus, subtle persuasion and charming diplomacy, negotiating skills, and ease building rapport with others, may be second nature, but decision making can be a challenge. Mercury in Libra is associated with the need to weigh all the pros and cons in situations.

Mercury is in the 11th Gemini House in J’s chart. When Mercury is in the 11th House, it indicates that friends, associates, groups of friends, professional associates and organizations are important and may contribute in significant ways not only to thinking and decision making, but also to one’s career. One way a Gemini 11th House Mercury can manifest in someone’s life is via Twitter, where like-minded people connect and share or broadcast their thoughts about anything. J is an active Twitter user and he has lots of followers.

Based on Mercury’s sign and placement, it becomes easy to see why J was drawn to a career that amplifies writing and communication. It’s possible, even likely, that an 11th House fiend, associate, or a group he associates can contribute in some significant way s to his career goals, and he should consider how to make use of this advantage.

Income and the Condition of 2nd Virgo House

When a chart has Virgo in the 2nd House, it indicates a tendency to be thrifty, pay close attention to budgets, and be organized. J admits to all of these traits, although he did say that he really enjoyed staying in a room at an airbnb that contained an abundance of eclectic, chic decor. While J appreciated the abundant decor where he stayed, he would not be naturally inclined (because the Virgo influence often manifests as minimalism) to create that style on his own. He’d be better off to hire someone to create a cozy environment for him to live in than to try and do something that doesn’t come naturally to him. However, the traits commonly associated with Virgo in the 2nd are beneficial to someone, who like J, wants to be self-employed.

So far, the basic elements that could support Joe’s desire to be a self-employed writer—a well-place Mercury that also rules and has the power to influence his earned income—are present. But as in any aspect of life, nothing is completely independent of other influences, and that’s true in this chart. What I’ll discuss next is Jupiter and how it potentially modifies the situation and how may help J achieve his goals.

Jupiter Joined with Mercury in the 11th House

When two or more planets are close, as they are in this chart, they’re said to be conjoined or in a conjunction. They’re proximity to each other creates a blended energy. In other words, because they’re around each other all the time, they start to act like the other person. In this instance, Mercury is influenced by Jupiter’s desire to expand and explore, so Mercury’s natural activities are more ramped up. J may read more books, have more friends, be easily distracted from goals or tasks because new ideas are firing off at a rapid pace, etc. Jupiter is associated with expansion, in general, and specifically with travel to foreign counties, interactions with foreigners, moving to foreign countries, etc. When Jupiter is in the 11th, as it is in this chart, it’s associated with people who love to have fun, are talkative (remember Twitter), intelligent, and who are nearly always willing to help others to the best of their ability. Their friendships may be more important to them than family relationships.

While it’s not shown in this chart, J’s Sun is in the 12th Cancer House, and the Sun rules the chart’s Leo 1st house. The 1st house is the equivalent to “personal space.” In a chart, it represents who we are on the inside, what forces steer our lives. The 12th represents what is hidden.

With Leo in the 1st House, there is a natural desire to take the lead, to be recognized and appreciated. Public recognition is really appreciated, because it’s deserved. Cancer is more reserved and much less inclined than a Leo would be to bask in the spot light. Here in lies a conflict of interest, a tug of war, that con only be resolved (not won or lost, but resolved) through personal choices that allow the 12th House Cancer Sun to come out and shine. The dynamic shown in this chart could result in J wanting the recognition but resisting the necessary tasks of stepping out of his personal space.

Because Jupiter is ruled by Mercury and is in Mercury’s house, it must fulfill its responsibilities in ways that are acceptable to Mercury. This is a partial explanation for why J has a lot of connections and people who live all around the world.

However, the Sun in this chart doesn’t SEE Mercury and Jupiter. They’re like the noisy, boisterous, somewhat mysterious, disruptive neighbors next door that create a lot of ruckus. They’re not bad neighbors, they just don’t know each other very well so there’s some discord. When this dynamic exists in a chart, it can represent a surface awareness of one’s own inner conflict. However, there may be no clear understanding about why the conflict exists or what needs to be done about it to make life flow easier. Some people never move past the inner struggle or do intentional work to resolve that conflict. Others do.

Jupiter’s Role

In addition to increasing J’s network of friends and associates and J’s optimism even when optimism may not seem warranted, Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 5th House in this chart. The 5th in a chart is associated with fun and things done for pleasure, like having friends, going to the theater, socializing, and taking some risks when necessary. When Sagittarius is in the 5th, as it is in this chart, the urge to create and explore what’s around the next corner is enhanced. J enjoys traveling and every year he spends two or three weeks in a different country. He has also toyed with the idea of travel writing, and that certainly is an option for him if he chooses to focus his intention in that direction.

Importantly, in 2018 and most of 2019, Jupiter will be transiting through Sagittarius and stimulating even more strongly the urge to break free of limiting beliefs. J’s decision to strike out on his own as a writer at this time is a great demonstration of something I know to be true, which is that we live our chart even when we don’t know anything about astrology.

In Conclusion

The dynamics described above are mitigated by other factors in the chart that are not covered in this sample reading. The Basic Chart reading looks at other influences that are in the chart as well.

Being aware of the inner, less known you, and choosing to live consciously and become aligned with your own purpose rather than being tossed about by the turbulence and currents of what we call life is what can happen when you get aligned within yourself and are living intentionally. That’s also when you’re better able to attract to you what and what makes you feel good. And that is what happiness is; it’s feeling good about yourself.