Venus: Goddess of Love and Strippers

The Astrology

  • The Sun is halfway through Venus-managed Libra and in a sextile (harmonious) relationship with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Libra are compatible signs.
  • The Moon in Saturn-managed Aquarius is in a trine (beneficial) relationship with the Sun and Mars in Libra. Air signs Libra and Aquarius get each other. This cooperative trine improves communication.
  • Venus has moved into Mars-managed Scorpio. This change of address (leaving Libra for Scorpio) allows Venus to see and relate to Uranus in Taurus, one of the signs that Venus manages. This move also brings Venus into a harmonious relationship with Saturn in Capricorn.


There are SO MANY WAYS to talk about the current transits! All the items above are ripe with symbolism, but I will start with Venus has moved into Mar-managed Scorpio. The other items will have to wait for another day.

On the same day Venus moved into Scorpio, I got a text from a woman who’s traveling this week for business-related reasons. She celebrates her birthday this month, which means (from an astrological perspective) that Venus manages her Libra Sun, which makes Venus a prominent player in her life experiences. She said in the text that she’d reserved a room at an historic hotel in Atlanta and was looking forward to dinner at their rooftop restaurant. When she checked in, she was very surprised (a bit unnerved, too) when she found out that the hotel also has a strip bar where a woman who calls herself “Blonde” has been stripping for 40 years.

If I tried really hard, I could never imagine a scenario that expressed the symbolism of Venus’s move into Mars-managed Scorpio better than this woman’s real-life experience.

When Venus is in Scorpio, it’s in its “detriment.” Detriment here means “a state of being harmed.” When we think of Venus, we tend to conjure up images of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This positive version of Venus is associated with romance, beauty, art, and the capacity to love one another. The shadow side of Venus is what we see when the goddess of love and beauty is harmed in her relationships.

As Above So Below (Bringing the astrology down to earth)

When a man or a woman’s ability to relate to others is damaged, what we see or experience are the negative manifestations of Venus. We see the strippers, sex workers, gold diggers, nymphomania, the “guy” or “doll” who exchanges their self-worth for something that has value: money or security, etc. But none of these manifestations could occur without the “other” person in the relationship. The stripper needs an audience. The gold digger needs a willing partner. And there will always be men and women who are attracted to the negative projection of the Venus archetype.

The positive expression of Venus leads us to love unconditionally. Now, I will be honest and say that I have struggled A LOT with the concept of unconditional love. I’ve learned, however, that my belief about unconditional love was wrong. I thought it meant loving someone in the “turn the other cheek” sort of way that was part of the instruction for living that I received in church. That kind of belief IS detrimental in any and all relationships.

To love unconditionally means to love yourself so well that your primary experience is well-being regardless of what is happening with others or in your environment. It means feeling balanced within yourself, because you’re not allowing conditions (other people or things) to destabilize you.

Venus in Scorpio will expose you to your negative beliefs that limit your ability to experience well-being. Once you become aware of what holds you back, you can transform your beliefs. This is the power of Venus in Scorpio.

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Intense Need to Separate Emotions

The Astrology

  • The New Crescent Moon is half way through Scorpio and facing retrograde Uranus in Taurus.
  • The Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Venus-managed Libra continue to prompt inquiries into what is needed or wanted in all types of relationships.
  • Mars is finishing its transit of Mercury-managed earthy Virgo.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius spreads hope.
  • Saturn in rocky Capricorn draws attention to the foundations and structures of what is building.


The New Moon was re-born last Saturday in Libra, where the interplay of light and dark, masculine and feminine energies, soul and spirit, balance and one-sidedness, you and/or others are the focus. Today, it’s halfway through Mars-managed Scorpio and facing/opposing retrograde Uranus in Taurus. While the Moon is in Scorpio, it’s in its element (a water sign) but at cross purposes with its own nature. We associate the Moon with emotions and with maternal, nurturing archetypes. Scorpio is a feminine energy that’s managed by intense, masculine Mars, the planet associated with combat and the warrior archetypes. That brief statement may help you to better understand the nature of Scorpio. If we assume that the design of our Universe is intentional, and it is, then this Scorpio Moon time has a purpose. It’s illuminating one facet in the continuum of time that we experience as days and years. Libra focused on and exposed our attention to opposites. Now, Scorpio is cutting through emotions that need to surface and be managed.

In Greek mythology, Medusa is a cave-dwelling, snake-haired Gorgon seductress who eats sailors. That’s Scorpio personified. There wasn’t much to like about that image. In the stories about Medusa, the hero who severs her head (Mars) is cheered and revered. But Medusa had another role. Her image was used as protection against the negative, much like the modern evil eye. She represented a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil to protect loved ones (the Moon).

How are you feeling today? Are you Mars or the Moon, or a bit of both?

In what aspect or facet of your life do you feel a need to separate (Mars) from and/or be more objective about how you nurture and care for (Moon) yourself and others?

Or, in what aspect or facet of your life do you feel a need to protect yourself?

Today’s Haiku

I could say more but
I’m here only as storyteller
Summoning allies.