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Sampler Reading of Your Choice

A Sampler Reading is an overview of one element in your birth chart. This is a good option if you’ve never had an astrology reading. The reading will provide insight into how, why, or where a planet’s influence is experienced in your life. The interpretation/explanation will be sent to you via email.

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Ascendant / First House Sampler Reading

A birth time is required for this reading. The 1st House reveals how you steer your life and what planet is at the helm; the Captain or director in your life is the planet that rules the sign in the 1st House. The sign and ruling planet of this House reveals why some people are fun loving and dramatic while others are intense and secretive or nerdy types, who spend their time collecting, analyzing, sorting, etc. Knowing the Ascendant sign and House ruler helps to explain basic personality types and characteristics.


Sampler Reading – The Moon in Your Chart

Learn what the Moon’s placement in your chart says about your emotions, habits, need for security, and nurturing. Lunar energy is diverse, ranging from nurturing, to impulsive, to outgoing, to reserved, to aloof. That’s why some people need room to roam while others need reassurance, and why some people need deep connections while others need a lot of privacy.


Sampler Reading – The Sun in Your Chart

The Sun is the most important planet in your chart. Learn what motivates you and how you like to shine.


Sampler Reading – Mercury in Your Chart

Learn what influences your thinking processes and communication style. Mercury’s sign and condition provide insight into how you prefer to receive and share information. Some people communicate with ease and humor. Others prefer to read (get an email instead of a phone call) and write (send email rather than make a phone call). Some people want all the details and others only want an overview. Knowing the sign and condition of Mercury in your chart can be helpful.


Sampler Reading – Venus in Your Chart

Learn how you attract what you want and need into your life and what helps or hinders your ability to attract what you want to have in your life. Venus is the planet that signifies love, relationships, personal resources, money, and earning power.


Sampler Reading – Mars in Your Chart

Learn how you assert yourself to get what you want. Mars, according to its sign and placement in a chart reflects varying levels of assertiveness and aggression, persistence, physical endurance, and drive.


Sampler Reading – Jupiter in Your Chart

Jupiter signifies where you can attract abundance and gain knowledge as well as where you can benefit most from what you learn and believe. Jupiter, like the Greek god Janus, has two faces: fun and jovial (i.e., the life of the party) or philosophical and traditional (i.e., the religious monk or ethics lawyer).


Sampler Reading – Saturn in Your Chart

Saturn signifies your ability to organize and structure your life as well as where barriers and limits may exist. Saturn is lessons learned, the teacher, task master, and disciplinarian in your life. It’s also recognition and rewards for “a job well done.” Saturn’s sign and placement in your chart can tell you where and how you meet challenges.


Other Readings

Basic 60-Minute Reading

The Basic Birth Chart Reading touches on all the areas described in the Sampler Readings. In addition, you’ll learn how the planets work together to help or hinder you in life. This 60-minute reading via GoToMeeting, Phone, or Recorded includes an overview of the chart and a brief 2-months-ahead forecast. You may choose to receive a recording rather than a phone call or online meeting. All sessions are recorded and sent to clients as an mp3 download.


Annual Chart Reading

The Annual Chart Reading is a 60-minute reading that will provide you with information about prevailing trends in the year ahead. Many people choose this option as a planning tool. You must have a Basic Chart Reading with me before I can do an Annual Chart Reading, which may focus on special issues, questions, or concerns you have. Includes a brief forecast for 3 months ahead. You may choose to receive a recording rather than a phone call or online meeting. All sessions are recorded and sent to clients as an mp3 download.


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Fill out and submit the form below. Including the time of your birth will allow me to provide you with the most accurate reading for your selection. A birth time is required if you select the Ascendant / First House Sampler Reading. If no birth time is available, I can create a solar chart that shows the planets in their signs, but I won’t be able to pinpoint exactly the areas of life each planet is active in.

I’ll contact you within one business day to schedule a time to meet in person or online, or to let you know when to expect your reading via email. Thank you.