Get Ready to Receive What You Want in the Weeks Ahead

The Astrology

  • The Sun is at 24 and Mars is at 18 degrees in Virgo.
  • Both Venus and Mercury have moved from Virgo into Libra, where Venus is in its best condition.
  • Saturn will end its retrograde motion on Wednesday and very, very slowly begin direct motion late in the week.

It may be useful to remember when you read and think about these segments on astrology that everything has and is part of a cycle. Otherwise the information can seem like a fragment of something random. The cycles of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc. are always unfolding in a natural sequence that reveals a process of continuous development. For example, thinking, organizing, evaluating, planning, discerning are activities that need to go on before negotiations can occur, before contracts are drawn up, before relationships are formed. Virgo, the sign before Libra, is associated with those things just mentioned. Looking ahead, as the planets enter and move through Libra, the next phase of things will be emphasized and development will occur in its time.

The Dominant Vibe is GET READY TO RECEIVE

Over the weekend Venus moved from Mercury-managed Virgo into Libra. Libra is associated with partners, relationships, contracts, and litigation, as well as balance and fairness that are achieved through diplomacy, mediation, cooperation and harmony. Libra is also associated with indecision. Indecision happens when only a perfect solution will do (perfection is impossible to achieve in human interactions), or when pleasing people is a high priority, or when there are too many options.

Where Venus is located (by sign) and what planet(s) it has a relationship to, at any given time, provide insight into what is being attracted into your life and also the type of interactions that are going on. Another way to say that is: Venus indicates what you attract and the state of your one-on-one relationships/partnerships.

You may notice that you feel and/or think that you want more commitment from someone or that you want to be more committed to something in the weeks and months ahead. Some commitments may be large, others may be small.

Mercury and Venus (already in Libra) are like scouts for the Sun. They’re out ahead a little bit. Mercury is listening and seeking information. Venus is attracting the necessary components and people. When the Sun reaches Libra on September 23, it brings with it the energy to focus more intently on what is wanted and developing. Some new potential commitments (negotiations, contracts, etc.) may be underway now and it may take several weeks to complete this phase of the cycle, When Mars reaches Libra on October 4, it will charge up new and ongoing social interactions and nudge things along–gently, but strategically. Mars has to play by Venus’s rules when its in Libra, so you may not get fireworks, but you can look forward to some zing and/or feeling a little sparkly. Mars will linger in Libra until November 18. Everything, and every part of everything that is going on now, will develop, expand, and conclude in its own right time.

I want to briefly mention Saturn’s return to direct motion. If Saturn is interacting with a planet in your natal chart, its forward motion will coincide with changes in how you experience your life as you’ve created and structured it. Depending on the type of relationship (easy or stressful) it has with a natal planet, Saturn’s transit can indicate a time when what you’ve created can become stronger and more positive, or it can indicate a time when you will eliminate what isn’t working in your best interests. It’s a slow-moving planet and changes and progress that are associated with Saturn will occur over time.

Full Moon in Pisces – Exhale Gently

The Astrology

  • The Moon will be full tonight when the Sun is at 21 Virgo and the Moon is at 21 in Pisces.
  • Mercury is in the last degree of Virgo today; it’ll enter Libra tomorrow and be in Venus’s domain.
  • Mars in Virgo has passed the period of most intense jousting with Jupiter in Sagittarius and is slowly making its way toward more comfortable, easier relationship in October.

The Dominate Vibe is EXHALE GENTLY

On nights when the Moon is full you can see further into the dark and notice things that are normally hidden from view. When the Moon is full, it’s opposite the Sun and reflecting the Sun’s light. It’s equivalent to looking at yourself in a mirror. A Full Moon in any sign is associated with heightened awareness of what was before unseen in ourselves or in others, and also in our relationships with people and things. You may become aware now of what was always there and see something or someone in a new way. Your new awareness may cause some discomfort at first, but know that you’re seeing what you see for a reason. Reflect on what has come into your awareness.

The Moon reminds us that there is natural cycle. The cycle has a beginning; it builds toward a culmination and then disseminates (releases) energy until it is finished (dark). Let your awareness be enough for today and tomorrow. Reflect until you feel ready to release what you now know.

Today’s Haiku

Emotions gathered
in corners float free on breathes
so gently exhaled.