Tread Lightly as the Moon Meets with Mars and Saturn

The Astrology

  • The Sun in Mars-managed Scorpio is facing (opposing) retrograde Uranus in Venus-managed Taurus.
  • The Moon in its waning, balsamic phase in Venus-managed Libra is in position to quarrel (squaring) with Saturn in Capricorn.
  • Mars in Venus-managed Libra is quarreling (squaring) with Saturn in Capricorn.


Today, I want to tie up loose ends. Maybe this is my response to the energy of Mars (cutting), Saturn (creating structure and leading), and the Moon (emotional energy).

If you’ve been reading my astrology notes for awhile, you know that I tend to focus on positive rather than negative thoughts. I see no point in sending out scary messages. I also make a concerted effort to remind you that you are the driving force in your life. I don’t try to predict what will happen, because doing that would be equivalent to spinning straw into gold, which is impossible. What I can do is share what I’ve learned about the art and craft of astrology, and sometimes I can share a story that coincides with planetary occurrences.

Loose end #1: Having said that, there are times when I’ll make you aware of strong energy that has a high probability of causing problems, like the Mars to Saturn square that is building now. This aspect will correspond with some people experiencing fear, anger, or aggressiveness in their interactions with others. Everyone won’t have encounters with others that result in those feelings. Some people will, though.

Loose end #2: The reason I can say some people will experience the negative energies of anger, fear, etc., and others won’t is because the transiting planets (where planets are in the sky on any given day) interact with each individual’s personal alignment of planets (where the planets were at the time of birth) in different ways, and sometimes, not at all.

When transiting planets are closely aligned with an individual’s personal planetary alignment, situations and events that are foretold by the transiting planets are more likely to unfold in someone’s life. For example, if you’re birthday is near this date, October 26, (or your personal planets are close to the degree of a transiting planet) you are more likely to experience some of the things or have feelings similar to what I write about. If the transiting planets are only indirectly aligned with your personal planetary alignment, then you may only hear about or see things, or have no knowledge at all of events that are perfectly described by the planets–accidents, fights, arguments, etc.

Loose end #3: When you do have personal experiences that parallel in some way what the planets are doing, you have free will to choose your attitude and behaviors. No one can tell you how to feel or what will happen to you if you pay attention to your own guidance system: your emotions.

Loose end #4: Your emotions will guide you to the right choice every single time. This can be confusing, because from childhood until we die, we’re trained to do what makes others feel good. We’re trained to ignore how we feel and, instead, to do what’s necessary to make someone else feel better. Inciting negative emotions in others for the sake of dis-empowering and/or controlling them is a destructive abuse of power. You’ll be less vulnerable to power plays when you see emotional manipulation for what it is and follow your own guidance.

As Above, So Below

While there’s a lot of potential for negative thinking and behaviors now, that’s not the only kind of energy that’s flowing around us. The Moon, Mars, and Uranus are working through Venus, because they’re in signs that Venus manages. Venus is associated with relationships, a balance of both giving and receiving, and equality within relationships. So, when we encounter challenges in relationships, the subtle energy of Venus can have a positive impact and soften or lessen tensions. If you’re around people and you observe some tension, try to remember that habits of mind can take you down a path you may prefer not to travel today. Then you can choose a different way through your day.

  • You may see, hear about, or be involved in some surprising events this weekend.
  • You may feel restless.
  • You may have an unexpected (welcome or unwelcome) “aha” moment of awareness.
  • You could meet someone who is very unusual by your own standards of what normal is.
  • You may decide to end some relationship with a person or group that you belong to.

Whatever happens in your life is happening so that you can make the next best decision/choice for yourself. I hope I’ve tread lightly in your experience of today.

Today’s Haiku

The heart liberates
from dark emotions, when freed
from anger’s shackles.

Does the described energy resonate with you? Leave a comment and share your experiences with others.

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In-the-Gap New Moon Eclipse January 6

In the hours before the Balsamic Moon in Capricorn aligns with the Sun in Capricorn on January 6, the Moon will be enclosed between Saturn, also in Capricorn, and the Sun. In other words, the Moon will be in the tiny space between the Sun and Saturn. While these heavenly spheres are conjoined by degree (proximity to each other in the sky) two notable things are taking place.

  • The Sun, Moon, and Saturn are free from contact with other planets. In other words, they’re having a private conversation; and
  • When the Moon aligns with the Sun  at 15 degrees Capricorn at about 1:30 am GMT, a partial-solar eclipse occurs and the New Moon phase begins

I’ll deconstruct the above, starting with:

The Balsamic Moon

The Moon entered the Balsamic phase January 2, when it was in the late degrees of Scorpio and in an easy trine to Mars. The Moon to Mars connection may have rekindled  something within you or reconnected you to something or someone you feel deeply passionate about. This flow of emotional energy may have created in your new determination to follow through on whatever you had going on. This energy could also have manifested as an outburst or anger or conflict with someone. I draw your attention back to this date, because those emotions and events are part of a cycle. Seeds of something new were planted near January 2 and in the days that have followed, those seeds have grown roots.

The upcoming New Moon phase, from January 6–13, is when the seeds that were planted weeks (or even months ago) and have germinated will sprout and begin to grow in the world as the Moon grows again toward fullness. What happens to those newly sprouted seeds of hope and passion and desire depends on you.

Capricorn Conjunction

Capricorn has its own set of rules that planets passing through Capricorn adhere to. There are times when a planet’s condition can interrupt the normal flow of energy, but those conditions aren’t present at the moment. So, a strong Saturn that rules and is “at home” in Capricorn is “in charge” of things at this time. In Capricorn, Saturn is ambitious, disciplined, and conservative. Planets that pass through Saturn’s domain take on some of those attributes—his rules of the house.

The Sun LOVES Leo, where it’s at home. It naturally loves fun, leisure, and romance. In Capricorn, however, the Sun takes a more responsible, practical, and action-oriented approach to all things in life. The Sun loses some of its warmth and joy. It becomes focused on “the next step” and likes to create goals, because the Sun is doing what it does when it’s visiting Capricorn.

The Moon LOVES Cancer, where it’s at home. When the Moon is in its comfort zone, it’s content to follow its instincts, respond to emotional needs, and create a safe and secure space for family and friends. When it’s in Capricorn, however, the Moon is required to invest emotional energy in getting ahead, advancing on goals, and following through on strategies. It’s not free to express emotions with the ease it feels in Cancer.

This conjunction of planets in Capricorn signifies a time when the Sun’s preference for fun and leisure and the Moon’s preference for cozy comfort are put on the back burner, while they tend to Saturn’s priorities—responsibility, ambition, hard work, business, achievement, sincerity, austerity—that are now front and center. These things are important in all our lives and life is generally easier if everything gets its due time. So, many of us get reorganized and reprioritize our goals in January, during the Capricorn season that extends from December 21 to January 21. This is the time when Saturn’s priorities have priority.

The Sun and Moon pass through Capricorn every year. What’s different about this year (as well as 2018 and 2020) is that Saturn is also in Capricorn. His presence there creates a much stronger emphasis on Capricorn themes.

Sun Eclipses the Moon on January 6

Eclipses can occur only at a New or Full Moon. At the New Moon, the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth thereby blocking the Sun from our sight. When the life-giving rays of the Sun are temporarily blocked by the Moon, the Moon itself appears black. The emphasis then is on the Moon, which is associated with the emotional content of our lives. From a psychological perspective, this cover of darkness can allow access to what has been hidden or repressed. The potential contained in this encounter is significant. An eclipse can bring up what needs to be reintegrated within ourselves and society.

Not everyone will feel the impact of this New Moon solar eclipse in the same way or to the same extent. Those who have their Ascendant or planets in Capricorn or Cancer are likely to feel this eclipse more than most. If those planets or the Ascendant is within 13 and 17 degrees of either Capricorn or Cancer, the impact will be felt more strongly.

Generally, a solar eclipse is useful for starting new ventures and leaving the old, outworn, and outdated behind. The effects of an eclipse can begin to manifest a few months before the eclipse occurs and may continue to be felt for several months afterwards. The effect of a solar eclipse tends to extend about one year. Where the eclipse has the most impact on your life will depend on the location of the Capricorn house in your natal chart.  If for example, Capricorn is in the 2nd house, you might make changes regarding your income, or you could lose or gain possessions or personal resources. If Capricorn is in the 6th house in your birth chart, the time is right to fine-tune your routines or get serious about a diet, health, and fitness. If you’re curious and want to know more, schedule a natal chart reading with me.

What’s pretty awesome about astrology is that whether or not you know anything about it, or even believe it, it works. Most of the time, we just don’t notice the correlation between planetary movements and personal circumstances. Adding astrological considerations to normal planning and preparation is helpful, though.


About the Gap and What Happens in the Gap

When the Moon passed by Saturn on January 5, it was if the happy-go-lucky traveler (the Moon/You prior to January 5) had signed a contract and agreed to stop telling everyone “I’m an adult, treat me like one,” and instead you become an adult who accepts responsibility and applies self-control, because there is a lot of hard work ahead to do. Not everyone who feels this energy will respond to it in a positive way. There are always polarities—right/wrong, good/bad, light/dark, etc.—and the opposite of being responsible and mature is to complain, harbor hard feelings, act cranky, and over-do everything to everyone’s displeasure. Those behaviors will undermine any attempt you make to move forward at this time. But don’t worry. There will be opportunities in the future to strike out in a new direction and feel successful.

Now that the contract with Saturn has been signed, the Moon enters the space between Saturn and the Sun, who is already under contract with Saturn to behave in Saturnian ways. The Sun has agreed to shelf (at least for awhile) its “let’s chill on the beach” attitude in exchange for “let’s get to work and get things done!” The Sun has agreed to be more self-disciplined and modest and to focus on work and duty. “Give me virtue, humility, austerity,” it said.

Saturn likes authority and is happy taking the lead. And like any good trail guide, it will tell those who are in his charge to get rid of anything and everything that isn’t necessary or the strenuous climb ahead. Downsize. Eliminate. Restrict. Those are Saturn’s keywords. Are you feeling these influences in your life? Where?

When the Sun and Saturn are combined with the Moon, as they are before and during the eclipse, the need for self-control and emotional grounding through hard work is the energy that surrounds us. There may be an emotional tug-of-war going on within you. But the door to the past is closing. If you’re feeling unhappy or depressed, it’s a signal that you need to let go of what is holding you to the past. The only way out now, or ever,  is forward.

When the Moon emerges from the eclipse, its next interactions are with Venus and Uranus. Venus is a reminder of what you value and how you draw what you need to you. Uranus is the rebel that want’s to be free and be different. It’s good to consider both as you move forward in the days and weeks ahead. Being free, if you’ve held yourself back, will feel uncomfortable. At least, for a while. Pay attention to the glimmers of hope and look forward, not back. It’s all ahead of you now.