Full Moon in Pisces – Exhale Gently

The Astrology

  • The Moon will be full tonight when the Sun is at 21 Virgo and the Moon is at 21 in Pisces.
  • Mercury is in the last degree of Virgo today; it’ll enter Libra tomorrow and be in Venus’s domain.
  • Mars in Virgo has passed the period of most intense jousting with Jupiter in Sagittarius and is slowly making its way toward more comfortable, easier relationship in October.

The Dominate Vibe is EXHALE GENTLY

On nights when the Moon is full you can see further into the dark and notice things that are normally hidden from view. When the Moon is full, it’s opposite the Sun and reflecting the Sun’s light. It’s equivalent to looking at yourself in a mirror. A Full Moon in any sign is associated with heightened awareness of what was before unseen in ourselves or in others, and also in our relationships with people and things. You may become aware now of what was always there and see something or someone in a new way. Your new awareness may cause some discomfort at first, but know that you’re seeing what you see for a reason. Reflect on what has come into your awareness.

The Moon reminds us that there is natural cycle. The cycle has a beginning; it builds toward a culmination and then disseminates (releases) energy until it is finished (dark). Let your awareness be enough for today and tomorrow. Reflect until you feel ready to release what you now know.

Today’s Haiku

Emotions gathered
in corners float free on breathes
so gently exhaled.

Trending September 10 – SUCCEED WITH RESTRAINT

The Astrology

  • The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo continue to hold center stage.
  • The Virgo Sun is in control of the productive challenge (square) to Jupiter in Sagittarius and is benefiting from the cooperation (trine) from Saturn in Capricorn.
  • The Moon in Aquarius is in a productive challenge to Uranus in Taurus and noticing opportunities sent from Jupiter in Sagittarius.


Any  tendency that’s positive will lead to a positive outcome when exercised with restraint. Likewise, any tendency that you would characterize as excessive will have a negative outcome, which the Sun’s relationship to both Saturn and Jupiter signal. It’s easier to see excessive behaviors in others than in ourselves, but ignoring your own tendencies to overdo, overspend, overreact, and overcommit–be over the top in any area–always has unfortunate consequences.

In your interactions with other people, try  to find common ground so efforts to cooperate are productive. Finding common ground first and then cooperating is more likely to result in a “win” for everyone who is involved.

Today’s Haiku

Good fortune follows
attention paid to planning
and mindful habits.

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