Intense Need to Separate Emotions

The Astrology

  • The New Crescent Moon is half way through Scorpio and facing retrograde Uranus in Taurus.
  • The Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Venus-managed Libra continue to prompt inquiries into what is needed or wanted in all types of relationships.
  • Mars is finishing its transit of Mercury-managed earthy Virgo.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius spreads hope.
  • Saturn in rocky Capricorn draws attention to the foundations and structures of what is building.


The New Moon was re-born last Saturday in Libra, where the interplay of light and dark, masculine and feminine energies, soul and spirit, balance and one-sidedness, you and/or others are the focus. Today, it’s halfway through Mars-managed Scorpio and facing/opposing retrograde Uranus in Taurus. While the Moon is in Scorpio, it’s in its element (a water sign) but at cross purposes with its own nature. We associate the Moon with emotions and with maternal, nurturing archetypes. Scorpio is a feminine energy that’s managed by intense, masculine Mars, the planet associated with combat and the warrior archetypes. That brief statement may help you to better understand the nature of Scorpio. If we assume that the design of our Universe is intentional, and it is, then this Scorpio Moon time has a purpose. It’s illuminating one facet in the continuum of time that we experience as days and years. Libra focused on and exposed our attention to opposites. Now, Scorpio is cutting through emotions that need to surface and be managed.

In Greek mythology, Medusa is a cave-dwelling, snake-haired Gorgon seductress who eats sailors. That’s Scorpio personified. There wasn’t much to like about that image. In the stories about Medusa, the hero who severs her head (Mars) is cheered and revered. But Medusa had another role. Her image was used as protection against the negative, much like the modern evil eye. She represented a dangerous threat meant to deter other dangerous threats, an image of evil to repel evil to protect loved ones (the Moon).

How are you feeling today? Are you Mars or the Moon, or a bit of both?

In what aspect or facet of your life do you feel a need to separate (Mars) from and/or be more objective about how you nurture and care for (Moon) yourself and others?

Or, in what aspect or facet of your life do you feel a need to protect yourself?

Today’s Haiku

I could say more but
I’m here only as storyteller
Summoning allies.

Forecast for August 8

The Astrology

The Sun and Mars make a friendly connection to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius as the Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun and Mars in Leo.

The Vibe is “I WILL…”

The Sun is the life force of our Universe. Its power is always creative and benevolent as it supports ALL life. In people, the Sun is associated with creative will and the drive toward autonomy. Mars has been traveling with the Sun in Leo (and Leo is the Sun’s personal carriage) for several weeks. Mars is associated with personal drive and desire to take action on behalf of oneself, which is all well and good, too. You may have felt both creative expansion within yourself as well as the desire to extend good will to others during the past few weeks. The positive expression of the Sun and Mars in Leo trine Jupiter is that of wanting what you want for yourself while you also want what is good for others. Maybe you’ve taken action on behalf of someone or a group and have been their Champion. Of course, not everyone expresses this expansive, creative energy positively. Cocky arrogance comes to mind. Every action, whether negative or positive, is always a personal choice.

You may feel unwilling to “let go” of thoughts you have about some people or things, because you want what you want (information, compliance, obedience, etc.). If so, take a bit of time for yourself and try to discern WHY. How can both you and the other receive the most benefit from actions you want to take?

Today’s Haiku

A brave Champion
Attends to dreams of the heart
Offers a reprieve.

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