Desires are what Summon Life Force


When desires are strong and clear, by the Law of Attraction, what you want must come to you.

Venus signifies desire and the Law of Attraction. The Moon is the mirror that reveals feeling and emotion, the Sun is the source of life, Mars is the champion and adventurer, Mercury is thought and intention, and Saturn sets boundaries and provides structure.

When you set the stage (Saturn) of your life with clear intention (Mercury) and have strong feelings (Moon) and desire (Venus) for what you want is not compromised by doubt, you will find (Mars) and have what you want and bring it into your life (Sun).

This is the alchemy of living life to the fullest.

What Do You Want?

Jessie Rittenhouse - I bargained with life

I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.
For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why you must beat the task.
I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.
~ Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

I’ve long believed that many poets and song writers tune in to and channel messages from the universe. I also believe words don’t teach. We learn from our own experiences. But someone’s words can cause us to reflect on our experiences and, if we’re ready, to see ourselves in a new light.

Desire is the starting point of everything

I chose Rittenhouse’s poem as a jumping off place for this post because it expresses a powerful truth, which is that thoughts turn to things. In other words, You get what you think about and ask for and expect from life. The concept of thoughts turning to things, or your thoughts become your reality, is not my own. Many, including Napoleon Hill, who published Think and Grow Rich (1st edition in 1937), Mahatma Gandhi, Bob Proctor, Norman Vincent Peale, and Abraham Hicks, have spoke and written about this. It’s the Law of Attraction.

In astrology, the Moon represents DESIRE and change, thought and communication are represented by Mercury, and Venus signifies how we ATTRACT what we desire; for example, a relationship or income. These planets generally signify short-term events of a day-to-day nature. But the day-to-day creates a foundation from which we expand into the world, and that’s where we take action and encounter limitations.

Longer-term developments are signified by Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Mars shows where and how actions are likely to occur, Jupiter signifies expansion, laws and morality; and Saturn represents limits and endings.

The Sun stands at the center of your personal universe; it’s the heart of your life.

So, what do you want in you life? Wealth, health, relationships, a new job, more fun?  What is standing in your way? If you’re not sure about what you want, or you’re not getting what you want in your life, analysis of the planets in your birth chart may offer some insight so you can decide what to do next.

What the planets indicate about Jessie Belle Rittenhouse and what she wanted

Jessie Belle Rittenhouse was the daughter of a farmer. The nature of the home of origin and the father are indicated by the fourth house, which is a Gemini house with Mercury as its ruler. Curiosity and communication are Gemini strengths. Mercury is up in the Sagittarius tenth house, along with the Sun and Saturn. Mercury in Sagittarius has a thirst for knowledge. People with this placement are noted for having an “expansive” mind. The mother is represented by the tenth house. What can be assumed, based on the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, is that both of Rittenhouse’s parents supported her life goals. The Sun in Sagittarius is a strong indicator of someone who is on a quest for knowledge and new experiences. They see opportunities where others see boundaries.

Rittenhouse was born in rural New York state in 1869. What are the chances that she would obtain higher education and break boundaries? Professional opportunities for women were rare in the late 1800s. Churches had developed missionary roles that women could fill. Some women worked in Settlement houses that aided immigrants and the underprivileged. Others worked as nurses. But most young women left school by the eighth grade. By 1900, when Rittenhouse was 31, gender boundaries were still very much in place. She defied the odds however and attended college with her aunts help and generosity.

The third house represents siblings and close relatives, such as cousins, aunts, and uncles. Jupiter, the Sun’s ruling planet, is located in the third house. Jupiter in Taurus often indicates financial good fortune and success with money. Many people with this placement amass fortunes and increase the odds of earning more by acquiring more education. It’s not surprising then to know that Rittenhouse’s aunt supported her through college.

After she graduated, Rittenhouse taught school until she moved to New York City, where she began her literary career. She helped found the Poetry Society of America, many of her friends and acquaintances were contemporary poets, and late in her life, she was a lecturer in poetry at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Thoughts turning to things

The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, representing an expansive worldview and INDEPENDENT THINKING (Mercury) that centers around (Sun) an INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE, are reinforced by DESIRE to be free to explore interests (Venus) and the EMOTIONAL ENERGY (Moon) to get ahead and achieve success in the world where strong friendships (AQUARIUS) are very helpful.

As far as I know, Rittenhouse did not have children. Her poetry was her creative achievement.

Jessie Rittenhouse

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Retrograde Magic

Hermes Trismegtus

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds with that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One thing.
– HERMES TRISMEGISTUS in The Emerald Tablet

It may seem as though magic is involved when planets appear to stop in the sky and then move backward, but it’s not magic. This phenomenon occurs because planets in their own orbit around the Sun are at times closer or further away from Earth, as it also travels around the Sun. A similar phenomenon occurs when cars pass each other. To passengers in the faster moving car, the other car seems to be moving backward. In reality, the planets never stop or go backward. Their apparent backward motion does seem to affect Earth’s passengers, however, as that which is below (all things here on Earth) corresponds to that which is above (retrograde planetary motion).

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo from July 27 – August 18, 2018. It joins five other planets in retrograde motion.

  • Retrograde Mars in Aquarius through August 26
  • Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn through September 5
  • Retrograde Neptune in Pisces through November 24
  • Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn through September 20, and
  • Uranus will be retrograde in Taurus (and also Aries) August 7 through January 5, 2019

Retrograde motion is considered an interference with a planet’s normal functioning; it’s actions are less predictable. Retrogrades signify reversals, delays, and cancellations. Obviously, retrogrades don’t bring everything to a screeching halt. Nor do they impact every human in the same ways. But just pause for a moment and reflect on the implications of having six of nine planets moving in retrograde motion at the same time. (The Sun, Earth, and our Moon are never retrograde.) Briefly:

  • Mars signifies “impulses toward action,” energy and passion in the pursuit of goals; competitive drive; excessive force; feeling angry or aggressive
  • Saturn signifies “responsibilities” related to work and real-world concerns; structures (buildings, time, schedules, boundaries); maturity; constricting forces; boundaries and separation; enslavement to the past
  • Uranus signifies “impulses toward freedom, breakthroughs, originality,” individuation and independence; inability to cooperate or compromise; unwillingness to work within structures; fanaticism; hubris
  • Neptune signifies “yearning for connection,” imagination; sympathy and compassion; escapism; confusion and deception; false notions of security
  • Pluto signifies “processes of destruction and renewal,” rebirth, regeneration, and transformation; purging; evolutionary forces; brutality; obsessiveness

Take a moment and reflect on what you see and hear going on in your personal environment, among your friends, and on the world stage. Do you have the sense that many people and things have been pushed way beyond what is considered “normal?” There is a lot of reevaluation going on in many different arenas. The energy to review, reconsider, redo, reevaluate, resist, reorganize, recharge, refresh, etc., is STRONG and the will continue to grow in the weeks and months ahead. The changes won’t come about easily, but they will come.

The good news is that the benefactors of the Universe, Venus and Jupiter, are not on the retrograde list. Venus is direct in Virgo and will be moving into Libra August 7/8, depending on the time zone where you live. Jupiter is direct now in Scorpio.

  • Venus signifies “impulse toward love and friendship,” harmony and pleasure; the forces of attraction; as well as vanity, social pretensions, shallowness, and self-indulgence
  • Jupiter signifies “impulses toward doing what’s right,” growth and expansion, optimism and tolerance; generosity and acceptance of others; as well as inflation and excess, arrogance and sense of entitlement

It’s not known whether Hermes Trismegistus, which means “Hermes the Thrice Greatest,”  was a real person or someone invented by the Greeks. He is given credit, however, for the Emerald Tablet and is thought to have lived long before Moses’ time.  Hermes is the guardian of astrology and alchemy, the seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Hermes is synonymous with Mercury.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury signifies “impulses toward thought and communication,” perception; teaching and learning; movement and transportation; metal habits; the mind separate from emotions; nervous over-stimulation. When Mercury is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), thoughts can turn toward “rising above” and “separating from.”

What you think matters

In every moment, you are sending and receiving thoughts. What you think brings about your present and future circumstances; your thoughts also affect the world we live in. While you’re not a magician in the traditional sense of the world, you are a co-creator of everything that happens, or doesn’t happen.

There is no way to predict what will specifically happen to you during the current season of retrogrades. I will say though that the likelihood is VERY HIGH that you are now or soon will be feeling the energy of one or more of the retrograde planets. As you reminisce, review, renegotiate, revise, reformulate, renew, recharge, restructure, rebuild (notice that there’s a theme here), please consider carefully what your thoughts and actions mean today and in the future. Live intentionally, because you are in charge of you and what you do.


Summertime Joy


“Jupiter bestows his blessings wherever he travels…”
~Alan Oken, Rulers of the Horoscope

Imagine being on a beach or walking along a boardwalk in a coastal city or sipping tall, cool drinks in the shade of an umbrella under a summery blue sky.  Billowing, soft white clouds float overhead. Birds flit from tree to tree and occasionally drop to the ground by your feet in search of sweet crumbs that drop from your table. Imagine feeling a warm, soft breeze touching you. And the soft air carries from from somewhere nearby, the sound of your favorite music.

That is the constant energy joy, abundance, and inspiration that Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are flowing to us as they align in an easy trine in the water signs. Venus is visiting in Cancer, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Neptune is floating ever-so-slowly through Pisces.

We have freewill to use the energies available to us as the planets align with one another. They give. We receive. We, in turn, give to others. The flow of receiving and giving, and receiving and giving is constant. It’s possible to feel inspired and let your imagination soar, or to feel expansive and share your joy and goodwill with those you meet. You can feel connected to this creative universe and let your thoughts connect you with the things and the people you enjoy.

If habits of thought are causing you to feel something less than joy, appreciation, and abundance, know that those things are free to you as well. You may have to look in a different direction to gain a different perspective. Remember that you receive and perceive what you look for and look at. Reach for a better thought.