When I started to learn astrology, I heard many astrologers describe the zodiac as the “world stage” and the planets as “actors” that act/behave differently, depending on the sign they’re in. The person who’s Sun is in Cancer is said to be “nurturing.” A Leo Sun is thought to instill individuals with “royal” characteristics, Taurus Sun individuals are more apt to be “persistent,” and those who have a Scorpio Sun are thought to be “intense.” Sun-sign astrology is valid, but thinking about people in this way is one dimensional. The Sun IS the center of our universe and in traditional astrology, it is the giver of light and life; it represents the creative principle and our ability to transform thoughts into things. But that’s only the beginning.

The Sun is the heart of our world and the center of our inner universe.

Life on planet Earth could not exist without the Sun. It’s the Earth’s heart. And in astrological practice, we say that the Sun represents the heart; it’s the life force. Everything in our solar system revolves around the Sun with perfect timing to ensure we not only survive but thrive as creative beings. I say that with confidence, because if the Sun’s only purpose was holding planets in their orbit, there would be no reason for us to exist. But we do exist. I also believe we live in a benevolent world with many resources and tools are at our disposal to help us create according to our desires. One of those resources is astrology.

Since ancient times, astrologers have observed that the activities of people and societies on earth correspond with planetary movements. Our knowledge of the solar system has corresponded with the expansion, in terms of development, of societies around the world. Our lives and global affairs coincide with and are reflected in planetary orbits, planet-to-planet relationships, and the discovery of new planets.

It may seem contradictory to say our chaotic lives parallel the perfection described above, to which I respond that it’s this very contradiction that explains and ensures the role of both fate and freewill in our lives. I believe we have the freewill to expand according to our personal choices within the controlled environment that is our world. Personal choices (freewill) can get you to where we want to go in spite of, or because of, detours. Choices can also derail you and send you into the ditch or over a cliff (fate).

It’s through the accumulation of these observable correspondences that astrology can offer insight into current and future events, including individual lives. Insight is not the same as prediction. I can offer insights based on accumulated knowledge and the fact that human nature is predictable to an extent. But even within the scope of predictable behavior, no two people will do the same thing. Even if people do the same thing—go to a movie, for example—everyone who attended will have a different experience of the movie, because each person will filter what is seen through their own mind and experiences. In other words, each person creates their experience of the movie, because of how they think and feel about what is observed and heard. So, it’s always best to be intentional more often than not.

We are creators in a creative-oriented Universe.

Before we can create or give form to anything—a simple meal, a piece of art, a healthy body, a career, a home, a relationship, or a new job, for example—we have to know (Mercury) what is wanted and how to attract what is wanted (Venus). What is created is always the a result of actions that follow the first thought (Mercury). One thought attracts (Venus) another and then another until a plan for action (Mars) is developed. How you feel, your emotions (Moon), are what will help to sustain (for good or ill) what you attract to yourself.

Reflection and good-feeling emotion lead to right action for you.

Your emotions (Moon), like the Moon in the night sky, illuminate the way for you. You don’t have to wade through days or weeks of analyzing and go through analysis to know if you’re doing the right things for you. Emotions, how you feel, are your personal guidance system and will indicate when you’re on the right path. When you feel good—happy, joy-filled, satisfied, at ease—you’re on the right path for you. When you’re not feeling so good, when you’re sad, unhappy, depressed, angry, hate-filled—you’re on the wrong path for you. Your emotions are your guide to well being. When you’re feeling good, you can create the life you want to live.

Getting to what you want.

A birth chart is like a road map. Astrologers look at birth charts to understand where the planets were and how they were interacting with each other at the time of birth and what that may mean for you.

Often, the question of fate vs. freewill comes up in conversations. How much of life is fated? How much of life is based on free will? You have the absolute freedom to choose every action. You’ll create your life through choices you make, based on your orientation to life: your beliefs, your history, your needs and desires.

I use astrology to provide insight in to your orientation in life (based on your birth chart), to point out the barriers and also highlight the benefits of following the signs so you can get to where you want to go and get what you want.

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